Openpath and InvictusXP integration

Create a more seamless building management and visitor check-in experience with Openpath mobile credentials and InvictusXP intercom systems.

Fully digital tenant access and management

InvictusXP offers touchscreen intercom kiosks that pair seamlessly with Openpath access control. Using Openpath’s API and SDK, the InvictusXP platform is a fully integrated solution that improves tenant experiences and simplifies property management.

The Openpath and InvictusXP integration lets you

  • Unlock Openpath entries and issue guest passes using the InvictusXP mobile app

  • Manage all properties from a single pane of glass: create users, adjust schedules, and add zones

  • Monitor multiple sites with real-time data from one platform

  • Automatically sync sites between the InvictusXP dashboard and Openpath

  • Receive support from community managers with InvictusXP’s in-app chat feature

Use cases

  • A secure tenant experience No more lost keys or shared PIN codes; tenants gain access to entries using their smartphone.

  • Intuitive property management The unified cloud-based platform makes managing multi-family residential communities simple and straightforward. 

  • Convenient visitor access The InvictusXP intercom kiosk is designed for a unified check-in and access experience, with customizable flows, motion sensor technology, and digital Cloud Key guest credentials.

  • Real-time reports and logging Openpath’s access control system includes detailed activity logs with customized reporting for better accountability and easier auditing.

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