Openpath and Gunnebo Integration

Bringing the convenience of secure mobile entry and streamlined cloud-based management to Gunnebo turnstiles and parking gates.

Mobile access for turnstiles and parking gates

Gunnebo is a world leading provider of entrance control solutions, offering turnstiles, parking gates, and revolving doors and booths. Openpath’s integration with Gunnebo leverages best-in-class mobile and cloud-based access control with high quality physical security barriers.

How the integration works:

  • Install an Openpath reader near the barrier (embedded in a turnstile or on a placard near a parking gate)

  • Wire the turnstile or gate to a relay on an Openpath controller

  • Set up the turnstile or gate as an entry in the Openpath Control Center

  • That’s it! Now you can unlock the turnstile or gate using the Openpath app or key card 

Use cases

Easy to install. Available in standard (single gang) and mullion options, Openpath readers use RS485 wiring, are rated IP65, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations to complement your Gunnebo solution.

Mitigate tailgating. Integrating Openpath with your Gunnebo turnstiles and gates helps prevent unauthorized access and strengthens your security posture. 

Robust administrative options. Implement entry and user schedules, lockdown plans, and use the Rules Engine to customize your Gunnebo entries and build a smarter office. 

Digital guest passes. Using the Openpath app,authorized users can send temporary access links to Gunnebo entries. No app download or guest badge printing required; visitors can access entries by tapping the link on their phone.

Ideal for landlords and tenants. Openpath supports zone sharing, which lets building managers easily share access to common area entries (like lobby turnstile gates and parking garage gates) with tenants in just a few clicks.

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