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Genea access control review

Many modern workplaces are shifting to mobile access control for better security. To choose the best access control system for your building, there are a few key features to look for. Genea is a workplace SaaS (software as a service) provider that bought Sequr access control in 2020. The Genea access control product, formerly Sequr, utilizes mobile credentials via smartphone to get people into their buildings, and a cloud-based management platform. The company also provides HVAC and billing software services. 

Access control hardware review

Genea is primarily a software company. Their access control solution, previously the Sequr system, is a cloud-based software platform with mobile access credentials that runs on third-party hardware. This means you’ll have to purchase the hardware separately from one of Genea’s approved hardware partners, like HID. Installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting will all need to be done by the hardware provider. 

Openpath is a complete access control solution. The hardware is designed and maintained in-house, so you get the complete package with one company, including all installation, setup, and maintenance. Openpath controllers and readers are designed to be backwards compatible with legacy systems for more flexibility. 

Legacy hardware is often bulky, and lacking in design that takes away from the overall aesthetic of your space. Unlike the boring gray bricks you’re probably used to, Openpath readers are sleek and sophisticated. The award-winning design not only mounts flush with a slim 11mm profile, but also adds an elegant touch that’s missing from most other access control readers on the market.

Discover the award winning design of Openpath Smart Readers

Openpath's sleek, stylish readers mount flush wherever you need them, and only require minimal space.

Touchless access and COVID-19 safety features

Technology plays a critical role in safely returning to work during COVID-19. Your access control system should include built-in features to enhance the safety of your building, and the wellness of tenants and visitors. Touchless access is an essential feature for an access control system during COVID-19. Openpath features unique wave-to-unlock capabilities, which let users unlock a door without needing to take their phone out of their pocket or bag. Genea’s mobile access also works without opening the app, but requires users to have their phone out and in front of the reader for it to work. 

Openpath also provides additional COVID-19 safety features, including built-in occupancy tracking features, which allows businesses to monitor and automate social distancing policies. In addition, buildings can deploy advanced health protocols including wellness screenings, touchless check-in, temperature scans, and contact tracing via seamless integrations with 15+ leading technology partners.

Go 100% touchless with Openpath's unique Wave-to-Unlock feature

Flexible and encrypted access methods

Mobile credentials are a top-requested access method in most modern workplaces. However, some businesses may still want to use keycards, fobs, or other access methods throughout their property. Genea offers access via their mobile app or Apple watch. The platform also works with some keycards and fobs, but does not support all smart card types. Depending on the readers you select to run your Genea software, your keycards and fob choices may be limited. Depending on your hardware selections, admins may have to manage other credentials in a separate system from the Genea platform.

Openpath readers are designed for maximum flexibility and interoperability. They support unlock via the mobile apps (iOS and Android), Apple watch, tablet app, AES encrypted keycards and fobs, and Cloud Key credentials. Plus, the Openpath system is backwards compatible to support legacy RFID keycard access, which are typically seen in multi-tenant office buildings and large enterprise organizations.

Access control for visitors

Access control should also extend to building visitors and guests. While Genea offers a visitor management platform, it’s a separate product from their access control platform. The access control software does not easily accommodate guests. Visitors will either need to download the app and get set up with credentials in the system, or be issued a physical keycard or fob for temporary access (which defeats the purpose of a mobile system). 

Openpath has a convenient digital guest pass feature built into the access control platform. Admins can easily send a temporary guest credential via text or email. Visitors don’t even need to download the app. Plus, the mobile guest passes are totally customizable. Set specific permissions for each guest, put time limits on the visitor pass, and view the visitor access activity in the Openpath dashboard. Plus, if you integrate Openpath with a visitor management platform, everything the guest needs for registration, check-in, and access is all conveniently available on their phone.

COVID-19 workplace safety checklist

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Available integrations for access control

Open software platforms let you integrate with other business apps and tools. This is beneficial if you want to streamline your operations and automate processes across your connected building systems. Genea offers a few integrations, but in many cases you’re limited to the products Genea already offers for overtime HVAC, submeter billing, and visitor management. Because Genea relies on non-proprietary hardware, you may encounter additional limitations while attempting to integrate with your readers and controllers. 

Unlike other access control companies, Openpath is built with fully open architecture for superior interoperability. The open API and mobile SDKs allow you to seamlessly integrate with the tools and apps you use to run your business. Openpath partners with leading technology companies for video surveillance, tenant and visitor management, user management, gym management and productivity tools to create a powerful integrated building system. With an extensive list of native integrations that work right out of the box, Openpath gives you greater flexibility in customizing your security and safety solutions to your unique needs.

Secure and compliant access control systems

When it comes to protecting your building, safeguarding your data is a top concern. Mobile credentials, like those offered by Genea and Openpath, can't be cloned, making them a safer alternative to keycards and fobs. Cloud-based access control platforms with end-to-end encryption offer enhanced security measures. Because mobile credentials also store personal information, your access control system should meet any compliance standards your industry requires. 

Openpath is Privacy Shield certified, as well as fully GDPR, CCPA, and SOC 2 compliant, and can help businesses meet HIPAA and PCI physical security requirements. In addition, Openpath hardware is UL 294 and FCC compliant, meets European and Canadian standards, and the readers are IP65 rated. 

Alternatives to Genea Access Control

If you’re looking for a complete access control system, Openpath is a better option for your space. Offering a full line of hardware that scales to accommodate a single site, up to hundreds of entries, the Openpath system is customizable to fit any business. With convenient wiring, straightforward software, and a sleek design, Openpath access control is quick to install, effortless to set up, and frictionless to use. 

Because access control should be a security product first and foremost, the Openpath platform comes with built-in safety features, including patented Triple Unlock technology for reliable access even when the internet is down. The system is also equipped with COVID-19 safety features like occupancy tracking and out-of-the-box integrations with tenant management, video surveillance, and building management tools. You’ll also get Openpath’s award-winning Lockdown solution to help you proactively plan for emergencies. 

For full-building deployments, Openpath is a top choice not only for door access control, but also for securing parking garages, elevators, and turnstile applications. 

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