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Premium software features for multi-site enterprises

With added features exclusively tailored to enterprise businesses, our Premium software prioritizes scalability, flexibility and interoperability to make managing any number of locations an effortless experience.

Rules engine

Automate processes across all IoT connected sites with unlimited rules in our easy-to-use rules editor.

Occupancy tracking

Automate and enforce social distancing with built-in occupancy tracking features and detailed Presence Report analytics.

Enhanced role management

Customize site-specific access levels by user, and manage permissions for all locations in one dashboard.

Custom user fields

Securely store unique user information, with easy search and filter at the user level. Supports export via CSV.

Flexible lockdown

Create unlimited, site-specific plans with remote activation by entry, zone, and site. Included at no additional charge for all 501(c)3 organizations.

Milestone VMS integration

Powerful video surveillance associates access events with video footage. Manage all entries directly in the XProtect Smart Client.

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Multi-site management made easy

For organizations managing thousands of users across different locations, the Premium Package has added features designed to: 

  • Streamline user management across all sites

  • Automate processes and reduce administrative burden

  • Easily scale operations with fully remote access

  • Integrate seamlessly with the tools and apps you use everyday

A complete enterprise access control system 

Premium software runs on next-generation access control hardware. The scalable enterprise hardware comes equipped with convenient wiring for easy install, optional Wi-Fi support for network connectivity, and alerts against tampering. Openpath supports any door density necessary, plus quick, low-cost installation to minimize business interruption.

Flexible deployment options

Openpath’s enterprise solution is cloud-based and backwards compatible with legacy systems. Run Openpath as a hybrid system alongside legacy access control, or as a standalone system. This flexibility makes it easy to add new doors and office locations to your enterprise without having to rip out the old hardware.

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