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Enterprise Security Premium Package

Openpath Premium Package for Multi-Site Enterprises

With added features designed specifically for enterprise businesses, our Premium Package prioritizes scalability, flexibility and interoperability to make managing multiple locations an effortless experience from start to finish.

For multi-site organizations managing thousands of users across different locations, we offer the Openpath Premium Package. With enhanced enterprise capabilities, the Premium Package contains added features to streamline business activity, reduce administrative burden, and increase enterprise flexibility. Designed with the user experience in mind, our Premium software features benefit the entire organization from IT, to facilities and management to reception. 

Supported by our next-generation hardware, the system comes equipped with built-in benefits such as convenient wiring for easy install, optional Wi-Fi support for network connectivity when Ethernet isn’t available, and alerts against tampering. Combined with our flexible cloud-based software, Openpath supports any door density necessary while ensuring heightened security, all without sacrificing ease of use or performance, plus quick, low-cost installation to minimize business interruption.  

About the Premium Package features

Granular and site-specific permissions

Extremely beneficial for multi-site organizations, granular permissions give additional specificity when creating roles. For example, you can create a role that limits access to just the Entry Dashboard. Or, create a role with full portal access but only for one site to ensure designated buildings are only able to effect changes at their location.

Rules Engine

The Rules Engine gives any organization the ability to set up “if this, then that” actions. Create unlimited rules to help streamline your business that follow a protocol of “if this event happens, then this action is triggered.” It replaces the Outbound Webhooks page in the Control Center and lets users create if/then rules. Currently, you can create triggers for events like entry unlocks, ajar doors, unlock failures, input state changes, as well as user account activity, lockdown activity, identity provider sync issues, and hardware relay changes.

Custom User Fields

If you have additional user-specific or unique-identifying information you would like to store at the user level, Custom User Fields are extremely helpful. You can create custom fields that show up when creating a User, and as filterable columns in the User Management table. The types of fields available are:

  • Checkbox
  • Date
  • Dropdown
  • Text

Common use cases include license plate numbers, birthdays, or medical information. Custom fields can be exported via CSV, but bulk upload is not yet supported.

Flexible Lockdown

The ability to set up an unlimited number of Lockdown Plans, offering peace of mind and ensuring heightened security in any scenario, and being able to activate a Lockdown plan anytime, from any place, by any method. Our award-winning Flexible Lockdown solution provides the ability to activate or revert lockdown plans from any remote device, including a mobile phone, or third-party trigger. In addition, administrators are provided robust flexibility to send real-time alerts and create unlimited lockdown plans based on the level of severity, associated protocols, and zones.

Flexible Lockdown is included at no additional charge for all 501(c)3 organizations.

Milestone VMS Integration

For better risk mitigation and more powerful analytics to instantly identify access events, your administrators can view critical information from a single screen, providing a more efficient user experience instead of handling disparate systems. Openpath’s native integration with Milestone, an industry-leading Video Management Software (VMS), lets you associate doors and entries with cameras, enabling you to unlock and lock entries directly from the XProtect Smart Client.

How can I upgrade my package?
Is Rules Engine available in the Basic Package?
How is the Premium Lockdown feature different from the Basic Lockdown feature?

To upgrade your package, go to the Account tab in the Control Center or contact your integrator to perform the upgrade for you. 

Optional User Management Packages

The software options below can be added on to Basic or Premium packages.

Essential User Management Package:

  • Active Directory Sync + Single Sign On (SSO)

  • G Suite Sync + SSO

  • Auto-sync every hour

  • Group import filter

  • Manual user privacy management

Premiere User Management Package includes everything in the Essential Package plus:

  • Okta Sync + SSO

  • OneLogin Sync + SSO 

  • Sync Notification

  • Auto-sync every 15 minutes

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