Openpath and Eden integration

Combine touchless access control with comprehensive team management software to create safer spaces and optimize office management.

Integrated security and management solutions

Streamline office management and security at every level with the Openpath and Eden integration. The Eden software seamlessly integrates with Openpath’s mobile access control solutions to enhance office safety, with features including Desk Booking and Room Scheduling for capacity management, plus digital wellness verification and touchless office access. Easily track employee and visitor access activity with real-time notifications and remote management.

Eden’s Openpath integration allows companies to: 

  • Facilitate touchless check-in and pre-registration processes 

  • Link pre-registration to Openpath credentials so team members and visitors have access to the right set of doors at the right times 

  • Adopt a flexible work model with easy desk booking and scheduling without compromising office security

  • Limit entry to individuals who have passed a health survey as part of check-in

  • Track check-in time and download visitor logs for contact tracing

Use cases

Secure return to work. Eden’s pre-registration tools make it easy to plan and manage who has access and when, while meeting social distancing and safety guidelines.

Capacity planning. Set limits to ensure each room is set up for safe and sustainable re-entry, with the ability to quickly check occupancy in the Openpath dashboard.

Touchless office experiences. Employees and visitors digitally check in, sign health waivers, fill forms, and receive Openpath credentials—all without touching any common surfaces.

Enforce health questionnaires. Vet your team and guests before they enter your space with intuitive digital surveys linked to access credentials.

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