Openpath and Dragonfruit integration

Identify unauthorized access entry with real-time AI video analysis to protect what matters.

Complete solution with video analytics and access control

Dragonfruit’s massively scalable video AI platform combines consumer-grade usability with enterprise-grade capability. The Openpath and Dragonfruit integration provides cross-verification of entries with video analytics to identify unauthorized visitors.

Integrate Openpath with Dragonfruit’s AI platform to:

  • Connect any Openpath device and any security camera on the Dragonfruit Web Application for centralized management

  • See access entry in any location across the world within moments

  • Auto-detect existing Openpath credentials for real-time entry alerts 

  • Configure multiple entry rules, adjust entry permissions, and unlock doors anytime, anywhere

  • Manage your space with AI analytics and get daily metrics of access entry counts

Use cases

Built for scale. Manage multiple locations and access entries in a single unified dashboard.

Track entry and verify identity. Simply add a connection between any Openpath device and any security camera on the Dragonfruit Web Application to quickly match names and faces on credentials. 

Real time alerts. Get notified via voice, text, e-mail, or any webhook platform (such as Slack) for access events as soon as they happen, including authorized entries, unauthorized entries, door held, authentication failed, and more.

Use existing cameras. Enable smart access entry with the Openpath and Dragonfruit integration through existing IP and analog camera infrastructure that supports RTSP/ONVIF.

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