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Openpath and cove integration

Everything tenants care about at their fingertips through a single app: mobile unlock, amenity reservations, visitor management, events and programming, all tightly integrated with Openpath’s best-in-class access control. 

Mobile-first tenant access and experiences

The Openpath and cove integration unlocks a next-generation, mobile-first experience for tenants and a reduction in cost and complexity for property operators. Cove is redefining real estate technology and services to deliver an engaging, positive experience for tenants, residents, and employees. From easy-to-use mobile applications to a powerful admin dashboard, cove puts control back into the property manager’s hands by allowing them to set up bookable spaces, grant access control based on those bookings, and send notifications directly to their tenants’ pockets. 

An integration with cove gives property owners and management the benefit of: 

  • Mobile access for all tenants, centralized in a whitelabel Tenant Experience app. Replace physical keycards with touchless access to entrances, elevators, and amenity spaces. Mobile credentials are synced automatically between Openpath and cove. 

  • A one-stop-shop dashboard for management to setup bookable amenity spaces, send push notifications to tenants and easily manage tenant information 

  • Timed Access Granted. Access is automatically integrated with cove Reservations so tenants only have access to a space during the selected time slot. 

  • Mobile Guest Pass. Send registered guests mobile credentials, granting them temporary access for their visit to the building. 

  • Design, implementation, and onboarding support. Cove will partner with you to ensure a smooth transition to the new tenant experience. 

Future-proofing the office

“With the partnership between Openpath and cove, we are truly unlocking and powering the modern office experience. We want to be sure we’re at the forefront of technology and experience for our tenants, their guests, and our own operations. This partnership ensures just that.”

- Razmig Boladian, Managing Partner at Rubicon Point Partners

Rubicon Point Partners, a leading real estate investment firm, rolled out the Openpath and cove integration in over 320,000 square feet of office space creating a modern, innovative workplace experience. 

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