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Washington DC is the US seat of government and a busy commercial center. Security is critical here, particularly as crime rates increased over the first quarter of 2022, with burglaries increasing by 55%, and almost 6,400 property crimes. That makes an effective commercial building security solution based on the best technology and components essential for Washington DC businesses. Local Washington DC business security system installers recommend comprehensive security systems that incorporate the following components:

  • Property access control: It’s essential to prevent intruders while making building access safe and convenient for employees and authorized visitors. Professional Washington DC commercial security system installation experts can assess the type of access controls needed for your entrances and secure areas and recommend the optimum combination of readers, controllers, and credentials to maximize protection for your property and people.

  • Video security camera networks: Situational awareness is critical to identifying security incidents and responding quickly. A well-designed network of video security cameras integrated with other security systems provides security teams with a real-time picture of events throughout your building. An experienced Washington DC commercial security camera installer or business security camera installer can assess risk levels in your building and design and install a video security network that maximizes situational awareness.

  • Door locks: Door locks can create vulnerabilities if they don’t provide adequate security and reliability. To improve security, a Washington DC business security system installation professional can supply and install the latest high-quality commercial door locks, wireless locks, or smart locks. They can also recommend a range of commercial door locks that offer the flexibility and convenience of remote operation via the cloud or a mobile app.

  • Sensors and notifications: Sensors provide an additional layer of protection for your property and people by providing awareness of occupancy levels, as well as risks such as broken windows, or doors that have been forced or left open. A Washington DC commercial security alarm installer can install a network of sensors that also incorporate real-time notifications to help your security teams respond rapidly to incidents.

  • Alarms: You need to be confident that the alarm systems in your property provide the right level of protection – and comply with local, state and federal regulations. A certified Washington DC commercial security alarm installation expert can check your fire alarms, smoke detectors, and emergency systems, and recommend any upgrades to ensure you are fully compliant. Security integrators can also integrate your alarms with your building management systems to improve operational efficiency.

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Certified commercial security system installation for Washington DC buildings

Washington DC has a diverse business profile with national names as well as thousands of small businesses across a number of districts, including Downtown Washington - the fourth largest central business district in the US. To ensure the right level of protection for your business, professional Washington DC access control installers and office security system installation experts can help you identify your current and future security requirements. 

A comprehensive commercial security system brings all those components together in a single, seamless, integrated system. Openpath provides a range of mobile and cloud-based access control solutions that are built on open standards to simplify integration with other components including alarms, video security cameras, and sensors, as well as building management systems. The latest Pro Series readers, for example, incorporate built-in video and commercial grade intercom functionality, which makes it easy for certified Washington DC office security system installers to integrate them with any existing components such as video surveillance cameras, security management and analytics software, and directories of authorized users. 

Openpath is a global manufacturer of access control systems based in the US. We support customers and partners in Washington DC via a network of certified commercial security system installers and security camera installers for business, providing the highest standards of service to Washington DC businesses in the Fifteenth Street Financial Historic District, the Central Business District, the Golden Triangle and other business districts.

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