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Security is essential in a city like Montreal. Although the city reports a generally low crime rate, vandalism and theft have a combined rate of 40.69 percent, making them among the most common crimes in Montreal.To ensure the highest level of protection, it’s important to choose commercial security system installation that features a mix of the best technology, systems and components. Leading business security system installers in Montreal recommend:

  • Access control systems: An effective access control system minimizes risk by preventing intruders entering your property. The best systems also ensure that access for employees and authorized visitors is convenient. Local Montreal business security system installers can advise on the optimum combination of readers, controllers and credentials to manage access to your entrances and secure areas.

  • Video security camera networks: A Montreal business security camera installer will advise that your security team needs a real-time picture of activity across your entire building. A well-planned network of video security cameras provides the level of situational awareness that ensures a rapid response to any incidents. A business security camera system installer in Montreal can help you plan your surveillance network and select the most suitable cameras and management platform.

  • Door locks: Traditional door locks can prove to be a weak link in your security system, so it pays to upgrade them to take advantage of the reliability, performance, and flexibility of the latest commercial door locks, wireless locks, or smart locks. A local Montreal business security system installer can assess your current door locks and recommend suitable upgrades. To improve operational flexibility, your team can operate and monitor many of the latest locks remotely via a cloud-based control center or a mobile app.

  • Sensors and notifications: A network of sensors with real-time notifications in high-risk areas adds a valuable additional layer of security, enabling your team to monitor occupancy levels and detect issues such as doors left or forced open, and broken glass. A Montreal business security system installer can plan and install a comprehensive network of sensors to enhance protection for your property. 

  • Alarm systems: To complete your security solution, a Montreal commercial security alarm installer can update your fire alarms, smoke detectors and emergency systems with components that are fully compliant with local, provincial, and Canadian regulations and compliance requirements. Reach out to a recommended commercial security alarm installation expert to find out if your system is compliant with local laws.

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Certified commercial security system installation in Montreal

Montreal is home to more than 400 head offices as well as many high-tech industries and small businesses — all with a wide range of security requirements. Professional office security system installation professionals in Montreal understand the local market and can help you develop the solution that provides the highest level of protection for your property and your people. 

The individual components all play their part in securing your property, but leading Montreal access control installers and security system integrators recommend that they should be compatible and work together as part of a single holistic solution. To support easy integration with other components, Openpath offers mobile and cloud-based access control solutions built on open standards. Openpath access control solutions like the multi-technology Pro Series video and intercom readers can be integrated with new or existing alarms, sensors, and security cameras, as well as building management systems. 

Openpath is a leading access control manufacturer based in the US, providing high-quality support to customers in Canada and countries around the world. Openpath partners with a network of certified commercial and office security system installers and security camera installers for business throughout Montreal, including Quartier International, Downtown Montreal, Paper Hill, the Chaboillez area and other business districts in the city. Openpath’s service partners will ensure your access control systems and other security components are installed and integrated to the highest professional standards.

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