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An effective commercial security system is essential for businesses operating in Manchester. Greater Manchester has the third highest crime rate in the UK, according to Statista, and that can pose a threat to your property and your people. If you’re planning to upgrade your security system, it pays to select systems, technology and components that offer the highest levels of protection. Manchester commercial security system installation professionals understand the needs of local businesses and they can recommend comprehensive solutions that incorporate the following components:

  • Access control: An access control system is a core element of a business security system. It protects your property entrances and secure areas, keeping out intruders while allowing employees and authorized visitors to access with minimal inconvenience. A professional Manchester office security system installation expert can review your current system, and recommend and install an access control solution that incorporates the most suitable controllers, door readers, and credentials for your property.

  • Video security cameras: A well-planned network of video surveillance cameras gives your security team ‘eyes on the ground’ so they can monitor the property easily and respond quickly to any security risks. Local commercial security camera installers in Manchester can help you identify the high-risk areas in your property where cameras are essential and recommend the best cameras and management systems. Your team will be able to monitor and record activity as it happens — and they can maintain surveillance even if they’re not on site, thanks to the remote monitoring capabilities of the latest systems. A security camera installer for business will be able to recommend the best placement for your security cameras for maximum visibility.

  • Door locks and sensors: If you rely on traditional door locks and keys, it’s time to upgrade to the latest commercial electric door locks and wireless smart locks. They’re not only more robust, secure, and reliable; many can be operated remotely, improving convenience and protection. A professional Manchester office security system installer can recommend and install new locks quickly and efficiently. They can also install sensors that feature real-time notifications to help security staff monitor occupancy levels and detect unsecured doors or broken glass.

  • Alarms and notifications: To protect your property and people, and comply with local and national regulations, you need efficient, reliable fire and emergency alarms and intrusion detection systems throughout your property. Manchester commercial security alarm installation professionals are familiar with the regulations and can recommend solutions that provide protection and maintain compliance.

Manchester was the world’s first industrial city, and it maintains its heritage as a dynamic commercial environment for more than 400,000 businesses. Leading Manchester commercial building security system installers understand the needs of local businesses and can help you maximize security.

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Certified commercial security system installation in Manchester

Individual security components are important, but they are more effective when they work together as part of a single integrated commercial security solution. To create a holistic solution, Manchester business security system installers recommend installing Openpath access control systems as a core element. Openpath is a leading global access control manufacturer based in the US. Its advanced access control products like the Video Intercom Reader Pro and Video Reader Pro are designed and built to open standards so they can be easily integrated with third-party video surveillance cameras, alarms, sensors, and other security system components. 

To ensure your security solution is planned and installed to the highest professional standards, Openpath has a network of local certified commercial security system installers, commercial security alarm installers, and business security camera installers throughout the Greater Manchester area, including the City Center, Spinningfields, Oxford Road, Northern Quarter, Salford Quays, and Media City. Certified Manchester access control installers and business security system experts have the experience and credentials to provide high-quality customer support and ensure that your business security system installation is fast and efficient.

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