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Boston has the most office-heavy downtown of any major American city, with 83 percent of buildings largely dedicated to office use. That makes an effective security system essential for Boston businesses, especially with property crime on the rise according to reports from the Boston Police Department. If you are considering a new commercial security deployment or upgrading your existing system, it’s important to install the best components and technologies currently available. Leading business and office security system installation experts in Boston recommend:

  • Video surveillance networks: A local Boston commercial security camera installer can work with you to identify the most important locations for your video cameras. A carefully planned network will ensure maximum situational awareness so your security team can record and respond quickly to any incidents. The latest video system management software can support remote and mobile video monitoring to improve operational flexibility. Ask a business security camera installer in Boston for more information on this. 

  • Access control systems: Access control is a core component of any effective commercial property security system. A local Boston business security system installer can recommend an access control system that allows convenient access for authorized visitors and keeps out intruders. Your installer can help you identify the right mix of readers, controllers, and credentials to maximize security.

  • Alarms and emergency systems You need to be confident that your alarms and emergency systems provide full protection for your property and people — and comply with appropriate regulations. Boston commercial security alarm system installers are familiar with local security requirements and regulations and can ensure you have the right fire, flood, and emergency alarms to comply with city, state, and federal regulations. 

  • Office door locks: Upgrading your door locks to the latest electric door locks and wireless commercial smart locks can help improve security levels throughout your property. A professional Boston commercial security system installer can assess your current locks and recommend suitable upgrades. 

  • Sensors and notification systems: Adding a network of sensors to your security system adds another layer of protection. A Boston business security installer can recommend sensors that incorporate real-time notifications to track occupancy levels, detect doors left open or forced, and broken windows.

Boston’s business profile features a number of important industries, including healthcare, finance and insurance, and higher education. Boston commercial security system installers understand the security needs of local businesses and can recommend the most appropriate solutions and the best technologies.

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Complete commercial security system installation for Boston businesses

All of the components and technologies we described are important, but the most effective solutions bring them together in a single, seamless system. To ensure all the components work together, leading Boston access control installers and commercial security system experts recommend an Openpath access control system as the core of a holistic security solution. Openpath, a mobile and cloud-based access control manufacturer based in the United States, designs their products such as the Video Intercom Reader Pro and Video Reader Pro to open standards so that they can be seamlessly and easily integrated with other security components.

To maximize protection and minimize risk, make sure your Massachusetts security system is installed by a certified Boston commercial business or office security system installer. Openpath partners with leading commercial security system installers, commercial security alarm installation experts, and security camera installers for business throughout Boston, including the Downtown Business Area, Financial District, Winthrop Center and other business districts. Openpath’s installation partners can provide you with expert advice on the optimum security system for your property and handle installation quickly and efficiently. 

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