Cisco Meraki Integration

Combine powerful video management with real-time access footage

The first of its kind integration for customers who want to associate access events with powerful video management insights.  Our integration with Cisco Meraki’s smart cameras and VMS platform allows you to do more with less. Easily view real-time video footage of access control events and user activity in the Openpath dashboard, receive automatic notifications, and gain insights with enhanced audit trails in the cloud.

An integration with Cisco Meraki’s smart video surveillance gives businesses the benefit of:

  • Utilizing Openpath’s open API for pulling data and integrating with other IoT systems

  • Remote cloud-based management without having to switch between platforms – configure everything from the easy-to-use Openpath interface

  • Automatic alerts for access events and lockdown activation

  • Flexible configurations with solutions that are easy to deploy

  • Unrivaled network and cyber security safeguards

Use cases

  • Asset protection: View video footage of real-time access activity for enhanced physical security monitoring. 

  • Social distancing: Native occupancy tracking and capacity thresholds help businesses identify hotspots and enforce social distancing in the workplace.

  • Compliance auditing: Create detailed audit logs and export custom reports with visual snapshots of activity throughout your space. 

  • Business intelligence: Create smarter spaces and empower decision-making with granular and behavioral learnings to improve space usage, streamline operations, and reduce overhead costs. 

  • IT-approved cybersecurity: Compliant hardware and software protects your data with end-to-end encryption at every level, with smart, cloud-based management that merges physical and logical security with less investment. 

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