Andy Klienman, CEO Wonder

"Openpath is a great solution that made a big difference for us and we've had a great experience using it"

Wonder Case Study

Wonder is a new mobile technology company focused on creating new experience around entertainment and gaming. They are keeping a low profile right now while they ramp up their solution, so security is top of mind for them as they don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet. Keep an eye out for them and check back to get the latest on their big vision for mobile entertainment.

Wonder’s Challenge:

With offices in multiple cities and serious security requirements Wonder wanted to strike a balance between locking down their offices and also creating a fun place to work that embraced creativity and openness. They invested in building out a really cool new office for their Los Angeles HQ and wanted to be sure it had every bell and whistle and could scale with them as they grew. “I didn’t want to waste my time managing everyone’s access” said Casey Wallace, VP Operations. “With our old system I was spending all day chasing down keys, badges and issuing credentials to folks…there were so many more important things I wanted to spend my time on.”

Openpath’s Solution:

Wonder’s employees are all super tech savvy and have office in multiple cities – so moving to a mobile and cloud based access control system made total sense. Employees can travel between their different offices and get in the front door any time of day and night, contractors can get temporary access to a door for an hour or even a day and no one has to issue a single badge or key to make it happen. Employees would lose their cards, forget their codes and misplace their keys all the time and forget to tell anyone. That left the company exposed as anyone who found one of those keys/cards could use it to get into the Wonder office. No one loses their phone and forgets to notice – the credential can be instantly revoked and the phone is trackable so the employee can almost always find it again. “Our employees love Openpath – it fits with how they work and its super easy to use” said Andy Kleinman, CEO of Wonder. “Everytime I run into another CEO I always end up showing off the cool app we use at our office – its amazing how everyone who sees it wants it for their offices as well!”

Key features Wonder loves:

Damn it's pretty: The Wonder office is super cool and is one of those offices everyone wishes they could work at. Openpath’s stylish looking reader fits right in and blends in nicely with the design of the building and the space.

Multi-site support: Employees move around between offices a ton so being able to come to their LA HQ and have access even if you’re not based in that office makes everyone’s life that much easier.

Lock down: Since their office entrance is right on a busy street with all kinds of people walking by, the Wonder receptionist gives us big props for the lock-down feature which lets her instantly lock the door even if its scheduled to be unlocked during the day, should she see some sketchy folks attempted to enter.

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