Team Liquid

"The first impression people have, even before they walk in the door is 'wow – how cool is this, I can use my phone to open the doors!' "

Steven Arhancet | Co-CEO of Team Liquid

Gaming company uses Openpath to serve their tech-focused vision

The wow factor

They love using their phones to open the door. It's just so cool.

Remote unlock

People come and go and even if you’re out to lunch or doing an errand, you can unlock the door for someone from anywhere with your phone.

G Suite integration

Every time a new employee is added in their directory service it automatically adds them to the Openpath access control system. Hassle free!

Cool access control for a top-of-the-line esports facility

Impressing visitors before they even get to the door

Team Liquid loves how modern and innovative Openpath is, how easy it is to share access to guests, and how their G Suite integration seamlessly synchronizes users.


This year Team Liquid decided to build a training facility for their esports athletes. Since they are at the top of their game in esports they needed their training facility to be the most cutting edge and awesome space they could build. Attracting top talent is crucial to their success and they invest a great deal of money and time in their players to make sure they can be the world’s best at their game. Creating a workspace that set them apart from their competition and helped them attract and retain top talent was critical.


Openpath knocked the ball out of the virtual park with their coolness factor. “The first impression people have even before they walk in the door is Wow – how cool is this, I can use my phone to open the doors!” says Steve Arhancet, Co-CEO of Team Liquid. “Everyone in the industry benchmarks off of us and our Training Facility and Openpath helped us raise the bar for creating a flexible, secure and super cool workspace.” Given how technology focused their company is it was super important to them to have everything hosted in the cloud, such as their mobile access tools and an open platform that integrates with other business apps. “I rest easy at night knowing that our facility is super secure and our players are free to come and go as they please,” said Jerrod Forkner, Facilities Manager. Jerrod doesn’t have to worry about tracking down keys and badges and can impress new players, investors and advertisers by sending them a digital guest pass for when they come to visit.