Sugar for Post Real Estate Group

“Integrating Openpath with our technology lets us offer a truly holistic solution that strengthens both security and the Sugar app experience for our customers.”

Fatima Dicko | CEO at Sugar

Improving tenant experiences with Openpath

Mobile credentials

Active residents use keyless entry to unlock Openpath doors in the Sugar app an average of 2.7 times every day.

Remote management

Management teams can communicate with residents and unlock the door from anywhere in the world in the Sugar Portal.

Resident satisfaction

Sugar’s polling feature is a cost-effective way for Post Real Estate to engage with residents and address concerns.

See the benefits of the Openpath and Sugar integration

Challenge: Outdated residential technology

Setting out to improve the resident experience at multifamily residential buildings, Sugar noticed the challenges often started at the front door. Legacy call boxes were complicated, clunky, and confusing to use, and residents needed an easier, more secure way to access their properties. 

Engagement was also something Sugar wanted to address when looking at new technology solutions for Post Real Estate Group. Creating a sense of community among residents and providing a reliable way to contact property staff would boost tenant retention and satisfaction rates. This meant that Sugar also needed a way to allow Post Real Estate Group’s international staff to be able to respond quickly to resident inquiries 24/7.

Solution: Mobile-optimized experiences 

After rolling out the integrated Openpath mobile access control and Sugar app in three Los Angeles properties, Post Real Estate Group has increased their resident engagement by 7.5x, noting that residents love the new touchless access and key sharing features. The Sugar app makes it easier for residents to stay connected, request assistance, and access their buildings. Plus, property managers love the remotely accessible Sugar Portal for managing access permissions, responding to incidents, and unlocking the door at any time, from anywhere.

Paired with Openpath Smart Readers, Sugar makes accessing the building simple for residents. Equipped with secure, reliable mobile credentials, residents can easily unlock the door with their phones, or request access if they’re locked out. The unique QR code-based directory means Post Real Estate could also do away with outdated hardware, streamlining visitor access, bringing down costs, and reducing vandalism at their properties. Now, visitors simply scan a QR code to view a digital directory, video call with residents, and speak to property staff.

See the full Sugar case study to learn more about how this integration impacted tenant experiences for Post Real Estate Group.