“Having a cloud interface that’s easy to work with has been hugely beneficial to managing our locations; we have better control and can do more with less.”

Patrick Brooke | Senior Manager of Innovation & Solutions

Cloud-based management opens the door for frictionless access

Open API

Openpath’s open architecture allowed SKIDATA to create middleware that syncs users’ building and parking access eliminating the burden of more than one credential.

Granular control

The team utilizes role and user-based schedules in Openpath to ensure everyone has the right level of access at the right time.

Cloud management

Openpath’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface makes managing access for multiple office sites efficient and frictionless.

Mobile credentials

Every SKIDATA employee has one credential that works everywhere, with convenient touchless entry for both offices and parking garages.

Challenge: Closed on-prem access control

With multiple offices across the US, SKIDATA’s existing on-premise security systems were lagging behind the technology they needed to operate an efficient, tech-forward vehicle access company. Not only did each office require its own servers and management, employees also needed different credentials for each location. Plus, with contactless technology becoming a bigger trend in their industry, they wanted a system that could support contactless functionality. Tired of managing two separate systems for building and parking at every location, the SKIDATA team decided to make the switch to a cloud-based access control solution to centralize their network and use management, with one credential that could work anywhere.

Solution: Frictionless cloud-based system

Switching to Openpath’s cloud-based access control was a no-brainer once the SKIDATA team saw the user interface. From the ease of implementation and rolling out new hardware, to configuring user access, to scheduling for role-based permissions, Openpath’s intuitive software has made managing multiple locations easier and more secure. Plus, employees love that they can open the door with their phone, and no longer need key fobs or badges. The hands-free, touchless entry with Openpath’s Wave to Unlock works for both the front door and the parking control system at every SKIDATA office.

SKIDATA utilized Openpath’s open API platform to integrate their own parking access software for complete access with a single mobile credential. The unique integration also provides office managers with granular control over parking garage security, such as defining nested areas within the garage for specific tenants, and using schedules to limit access to certain times. The result is better security and more control, without putting added strain on IT or administrative teams.