Sierra Pacific Properties

“After meeting with the representatives, it was clear that Openpath was the future of access control. The ease of use and reliability were paramount to our choice.”

Ed Fuchs | Property Manager at Sierra Pacific Properties

How cloud-based touchless access elevates tenant experience

Cloud Management

The property managers love Openpath’s intuitive, real-time interface, plus the ability to access the entire system remotely, from any device.

User experience

Openpath’s sleek hardware and easy-to-use app offer a high-end experience to cater to the building’s Fortune 500 tenants.

Flexible credentials

The multi-tenant office building can now accommodate different preferences for security without compromising safety or compliance.

Amazing support

Partnering with Openpath’s support team, Security 101 was able to expedite the installation with minimal interruption to business operations.

Challenge: Antiquated on-prem systems

For Sierra Pacific Properties, creating tech-forward and elevated building experiences for the Fortune 500 tenants was top of mind at their high-end 1200 Concord office campus. However, their on-premise access control technology was holding them back. Not only were the existing prox cards leading to security concerns, managing the onsite system was time consuming, issuing and revoking credentials was cumbersome, and the software lacked ease of use and functionality. 

The team wanted to upgrade the tenant experience, in addition to securing their commercial real estate property with a cloud-based solution that offered greater flexibility. Working with Security 101, they chose to replace their on-premise system with Openpath for future-proof access control technology, with the added bonus of an exceptional user experience for both tenants and property managers.

Solution: Cloud-based access control

By modernizing the access control system to a cloud-based, mobile solution, Sierra Pacific Properties is able to better position 1200 Concord for their enterprise and business tenants. After deploying Openpath, more than 90% of tenants have adopted Openpath’s mobile credentials, with secure options for those that prefer traditional fobs or key cards, all on the same system. Plus, Openpath’s readers are award-winning for design, adding to the elevated aesthetic of the campus, with a completely touchless entry experience. 

The property management team at 1200 Concord loves the flexibility and ease of use of Openpath’s cloud software. The management portal is more intuitive than other solutions they considered, making it faster and more efficient to issue credentials, configure access permissions, adjust entry schedules, and generate custom reporting. The remote access features have also become indispensable, allowing the team to monitor the property, unlock the door, and address security alerts in real-time, from anywhere, which would not have been possible with their previous on-premise system. 

About the installation

The San Francisco team from leading security system integrator Security 101 recommended Openpath for this property for the ease of installation and setup. “Openpath hardware implementation is always a seamless experience, so it’s a top choice for us when replacing existing on-premise systems,” said Rob Chamberlin, President & Founder, Security 101 - SF, Bay Area and Sacramento.

For this Bay Area deployment, Openpath’s standard wiring helped the team avoid extensive rewiring or construction during installation. Plus, Openpath’s intuitive software meant less training was needed to onboard the Sierra Pacific Properties team. The whole installation was effortless, limiting the interruption to business operations and making for a smooth transition to the cloud-based system.