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Rubicon Point Partners

“We want to be sure we’re at the forefront of technology and experience for our tenants, their guests, and our own operations. With this partnership, we are truly unlocking and powering the modern office experience.”

Razmig Boladian | Managing Partner at Rubicon Point Partners

How making the switch to cloud improves ROI and experiences

Cloud technology

Transitioning from a legacy on-premise system to Openpath’s mobile and cloud-based platform future-proofs Rubicon’s properties with best-in-class safety and security technology.

Wave to Unlock

Openpath’s touchless entry has become an everyday essential for Rubicon, with 95% of tenants having made the switch to mobile credentials from key cards or fobs.

Remote management

Being able to access and monitor the system from anywhere gives the team greater flexibility, and the easy-to-use interface saves them time on a daily basis.

Seamless integration

Keeping Rubicon on the forefront of technology, Openpath access is fully integrated into the cove tenant app for a convenient, unified workplace experience.

Challenge: Setting new technology standards

Rubicon Point Partners, a leading real estate investment firm with over 320,000 square feet of office space in Silicon Valley, is on a mission to create a smart, innovative workplace experience. The outdated on-premise access control and security system installed in the building just didn’t live up to the firm’s expectations for future-minded technology. They needed a new system that was easier to use, more efficient, and a better experience for tenants. With the Openpath cloud-based system, the Rubicon team could not only improve building security, they were also able to implement additional safety and security features that the legacy on-prem system couldn’t handle: mobile-first and touchless technology, occupancy management capabilities, and an access control system that is fully integrated with their tenant platform.

Solution: Migrating to an integrated cloud platform

Openpath set the standard for building technology at Rubicon properties. The cloud-based system is easier to manage than their previous legacy access control, saving time during tenant onboarding and everyday management tasks. Openpath’s detailed activity logs provide real-time security monitoring, with easy-to-use reporting features for Rubicon’s routine security audits. With reliable, fully remote access capabilities, property managers are now equipped to facilitate people getting in and out of the office remotely, plus triage security concerns without having to physically be on site. 

Openpath also gave Rubicon the ability to seamlessly integrate with the cove platform for a frictionless tenant experience. Now, all Rubicon property tenants have one convenient app for their building credentials, visitor access, and amenity booking needs. Wave to Unlock has become the standard entry method, with 95% of Rubicon’s tenants adopting the new mobile credentials. Plus, property managers can track and enforce occupancy for building amenities through the combined booking and access app for improved safety and space management.