Reagan Institute Case Study

“With Openpath, we get the high-level security and control that’s expected in D.C., and the wave-to-unlock feature works seamlessly. It’s like magic.”

Mark Fitzpatrick | CTO

Investing in complaint, future-proof technology for their D.C. address

Remote management

Openpath’s cloud-based platform allows the LA-based team to remotely issue credentials, adjust door schedules, and view real-time activity at the Washington, D.C. building, reducing response time for improved security.

Award-winning design

The Reagan Institute architects love the Openpath Smart Readers for their sleek, sophisticated design, with an 11mm profile that mounts flush to compliment the carefully curated aesthetic of the facility.

Federal-level security

Openpath’s strict compliance standards and enhanced security controls let the team meet all the ingress and egress requirements for high-profile guests at the prominent Washington D.C. address.

Flexible permissions

Accommodating different levels of access for the multi-tenant building is easy with Openpath. The Reagan Institute team can issue encrypted key cards alongside secure mobile credentials, all with custom permissions.

“Openpath allowed us to install in a way that’s easy to access, easy to service, and keeps everything all in one place.”

Joe Russell

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Space-saving deployment

Installing a government compliant access control for the Reagan Institute posed a unique challenge for inBuilding, the security solutions provider and technology integrator for the project. With the security, aesthetic, and installation requirements, inBuilding instantly thought of and recommended Openpath. The multi-tenant building has three IT rooms, and there wasn’t a lot of square footage to work with. Openpath control units are designed with plug-and-play wiring for fast, easy installation. The team at inBuilding was able to stack the Openpath ACU hardware inside a single drawer that's rack-mounted in the server room, saving a ton of space and making it easier to manage and service the control units. Plus, the centralized installation created redundancy in the power network, so the whole system works smoothly.

Challenge: heightened security, managed remotely

With a high-profile address in Washington, D.C. just blocks from the White House, the Reagan Foundation & Institute’s newest location requires the highest levels of security and compliance. Additionally, with the executive IT management team based in Los Angeles the majority of the time, they needed better visibility into the D.C. location, and to be able to manage the entire system without being on-site. The team has strict ingress and egress requirements due to frequently hosting prominent and elite guests, so access credentials need to be secure, easy to manage and unique; they didn’t want to deal with traditional keycards. When selecting an access control system, they were looking for a solution that was flexible, reliable, and able to meet federal-level compliance. And it needed to look the part—the building’s architects were very particular about maintaining the high-end, sleek look throughout the entire Institute.

Solution: cloud-based mobile access

The technology team at the Institute chose Openpath for its flexible, agile, yet robust security features, and superior user experience. The cloud-based platform allows the LA-based team at the Ronald Reagan Foundation in Simi Valley to manage the entire system remotely. Real-time alerts and notifications keep admins informed of any activity so they can address security concerns quickly and efficiently. 

Openpath’s mobile credentials are more convenient and easier to manage than fobs or cards, but the system still supports encrypted badge credentials for the multi-tenant building. With so many guests coming and going, the Institute relies heavily on Openpath’s digital visitor credentials, which can be customized with specific permissions for each guest. Employees love the touchless, wave-to-unlock capabilities, which get them into the building without having to touch a thing. As for the architects, Openpath’s award-winning Smart Readers fit right in with the high-end aesthetic of the building. Openpath’s access control system gives the Reagan Institute better visibility and control over their security, even from across the county.