Precision Science case study

Flexible security solutions for a tech-minded innovator in the life sciences industry

How convenience and compliance make Precision Science a safer, healthier place to work

Flexible access methods

Precision Science loves that their employees can choose to use Openpath’s mobile credentials or secure key cards, and everything works on the same system.

Touchless entry

Openpath’s touchless wave-to-unlock access enables Precision Science to create a safer, healthier workspace, without sacrificing security.

Real-time visibility

Administrators can view all access activity in real time, and export detailed audit reports quickly for compliance traceability.

Customer support

Should Precision Science need help, the Openpath support team can be counted on to assist with fast response times and experienced technicians.

Challenge: Security without compromising safety

Precision Science takes a technology-forward approach to their manufacturing, packaging, and analytical solutions in the life sciences industry as an animal health provider. With a modern expansion of their laboratory space, a new access control solution was a top priority. The layout of their corporate campus makes their newly expanded lab a popular spot for passing through, raising concerns over security in the controlled environment. Precision Science was looking for a system with user-based permissions, plus safety technology that could help them continue operations during COVID-19. Administrators need to be able to see who is at the facility in real time, and manage the entire system remotely, as well as safeguard their employees. When comparing different companies, Precision Science’s IT Network Administrator found that many modern providers offered an all-or-nothing access solution with limited mobile capabilities. Furthermore, Precision Science employees needed the flexibility to use both key cards and mobile devices for access, as not all their employees use a smartphone in the secure production environment. The Precision Science management team had one additional request: that the access control system look as sleek and modern as their new lab.

Solution: Flexible, touchless access

With flexibility, security, and safety at the top of their priorities list, Openpath was a clear choice for Precision Science. Openpath’s industry-leading mobile credentials also work with encrypted RFID key cards, so Precision Science can manage all their employees’ access on one system. Employees love the unique Wave-to-Unlock capabilities that let them enter the lab without even taking out their phones. Plus, the contactless entry helps make the Precision Science lab a touchless environment; they implemented the feature at the beginning of the pandemic to create a safer workspace. The remote management platform means the IT administrator doesn’t need to be on-site to handle security concerns—like unlocking the door for an after-hours employee and additional maintenance shifts. The IT admins also love having visibility into what’s happening in the building in real-time. Openpath’s fast, accurate activity logs help them see who’s coming in on what day, at what time. With strict traceability requirements, the detailed reporting and audit exports help Precision Science stay compliant at all times. With a quick turnaround time for installation, Precision Science loved how easy it was to get set up with Openpath, and the sleek, award-winning reader design blends right into the lab’s clean, uncluttered aesthetic.

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