Orbit for Recreate at Powerhouse Telemark

“The Orbit and Openpath integration feels seamless. It’s easy to use, and it gives people the workplace flexibility they need.”

Emil Eriksrød, CEO & Founder at Recreate

Smart, integrated door access for smart buildings

Openpath x Orbit integration

Tenants can see available rooms to book and access the building all in one easy-to-use app.

Touchless entry

Wave to Unlock enables 100% touchless access, and admins love the remote unlock feature.


Cloud-based software adds more flexibility for managing any number of locations and users.

Future-proof technology 

Intuitive, adaptable tech empowers sustainable operations for the buildings of tomorrow.

Benefits of Openpath and Orbit

Challenge: Streamlining access and management

When designing the carbon-negative Powerhouse Telemark, named one of the top 10 most important buildings in the world by CNN, Recreate knew that technology would play a critical role. The building is located in Porsgrunn, Norway, and produces more energy than it consumes. Recreate needed all the management and tenant systems for Powerhouse to be just as smart, easy, and future-forward as the building itself. Older systems just didn’t feel right for this ultra-modern space, and management was staunchly opposed to carrying keys for the 50+ buildings in the Recreate portfolio. Add to that the challenge of ensuring frictionless experiences for both Fortune 500 companies and flex workers within the same space, and it’s clear why Recreate took a different approach.  

After choosing Orbit for space management and office sharing across all the Powerhouse locations, Recreate needed an access control solution that could be easily integrated for a streamlined experience – and it had to look the part, too. Mobile-first and cloud-based Openpath takes the hassle out of onboarding new tenants, with sleek Smart Readers that add to the futuristic feel of the space. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with the Orbit booking technology, so all you need is your phone.

Solution: Orbit x Openpath 

Smart buildings need smart access. The fully integrated office access experience with Orbit puts everything tenants and property managers need in the palm of their hands. Orbit lets people book their workspace and view scheduled meetings all in a single app. Then, Openpath’s touchless Wave to Unlock enables simple, hands-free access from the front door to any office spaces booked (even to the bike storage room) without having to switch between apps or dig for the right key. For tenants with strict security needs, FaceID can be enabled for specific entries, and Orbit uses BankID verification for added security when linking credentials. 

Recreate knows that aesthetics matter in future-forward spaces, so sustainable scalability was top of mind when choosing this technology. It’s easy to onboard new tenants with a few clicks in a cloud-based dashboard, and gives employees the freedom to work from more convenient locations, as well as access office and meeting space without long-term contracts. The system is quick and easy to roll out in new Recreate properties, and paves the way for more unique, integrated solutions in the future across the entire Recreate portfolio.