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One of the Kids case study 

“We have peace of mind that the facility is always secure, while providing easy access for staff. That’s the beauty of the cloud.” 

- Anh Luong, CISO at One of the Kids

Cloud-based access control provides peace of mind for special needs education

Remote unlock 

Opening the door for staff and vendors after hours is as easy as clicking a button – no need to be onsite.

Intuitive onboarding

The Openpath dashboard is easy to use, making adding and revoking users simple and efficient.

Cloud software 

Integrator Security 101 is able to provide amazing support thanks to the remotely accessible cloud-based system.

Reliable and convenient 

Staff can focus their attention on the kids, with fast and easy access to the spaces they need, when they need them.

Challenge: Frictionless security in a safe school environment

One of the Kids is a family-run clinic for children on the spectrum and with other disabilities, providing one-on-one attention and play-based ABA service. Featuring an indoor pool and outdoor play area, the award-winning building is designed to create an environment where the kids have the space and freedom to release their energy and stress – while still ensuring their safety. Chief Information Security Officer Anh Luong worked with Security 101 for installation and support of an access control system that could allow staff to quickly and easily open doors without taking their eyes off the kids, while still keeping unauthorized individuals out of the building. With constantly changing schedules and staff, Luong also needed the flexibility to adjust credentials and permissions at the drop of a hat. When choosing a new access control system for the facility, the goal was to ensure peace of mind that both the space and the kids are protected, without inhibiting their ability to play and learn in a safe environment.

Solution: Convenient, cloud-based access

Security 101 recommended Openpath for its ease of use and reliability. Because there’s no specialized security team, Luong needed a system that is easy to manage and intuitive to use, without sacrificing convenience or security. Luong loves how easy it is to onboard staff and manage their varying schedules, and the staff like that Openpath is fast and easy to use. The remote unlocking feature is also crucial for Luong, as he can grant access to staff, maintenance teams, and vendors after-hours without having to be at the facility. Maintaining the user database is simple, and revoking credentials is as easy as disabling an ID, relieving much of the day-to-day administrative burden. 

Openpath’s cloud software is accessible from anywhere, so Security 101 is able to step in and help out with system operations such as correcting credentials and running reports. “The cloud based system just makes it so much easier for us to provide support in a more timely manner,” says Kevin Schnyder, General Manager at Security 101. Plus, Openpath’s detailed activity logs make it easier to ensure the security of the facility at all times.