Novel Coworking Case Study

Enhancing security and improving operations at coworking and flexible office spaces.

How the shared workspace building owner is creating premium experiences with Openpath


Novel Coworking is a commercial real estate owner and national coworking operator. Specializing in short-term and coworking leases, Novel prioritizes flexibility and premium experiences in every aspect of their business. However, with a constantly-rotating roster of tenants, and conference spaces with hourly rentals, managing users was becoming a huge pain point. Keycards were too cumbersome, and didn’t align with the elevated feel of Novel’s spaces. Office managers were also hitting roadblocks with tracking who was using which spaces, and for how long—and feared they were missing out on possible revenue. Novel needed an access control system that not only kept unauthorized people out, but streamlined their business operations with a superior future-proofed experience.

Key features


Openpath gives Novel a seamless user management experience, with everything they need in a single app. Novel eliminated lost revenue by connecting their billing system with Openpath access data.

Seamless installation

The full-building deployment was effortless with the Openpath system. The entire building was up and running with a quick, efficient installation thanks to Openpath’s plug-and-play wiring design.

“Smooth, like butter”

Openpath’s touchless wave-to-unlock feature and convenient mobile credentials offer a future-proofed entry experience for all Novel clients. Backed by Triple Unlock technology, it’s reliable and fast every time.

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