How Openpath helped Leaf Group

Leaf Group is a publicly-traded diversified consumer internet company. It includes a marketplace for companies including Saatchi Art, Society 6, and eHow to sell their products, as well as content for brands all over the world. 

Based in Santa Monica, California, Leaf Group has a young workforce of Millenials and Gen-X employees who work with clients to use technology to connect with their respective audiences.


Sean Moriarty, CEO of Leaf Group, wants their office space to reflect their culture: the strategic intersection of technology and design. They also want a security system that allows employees to come and go when they please, as working hours for Leaf Group are 24/7.

Scott Haynes, Facilities Director at Leaf Group

"Openpath is one of the few solutions that I've ever rolled out where people have actually told me how much they love it."

Key features


At Leaf Group, they emphasize the visual aesthetic of things, so making sure their office is top-of-the-line design-wise is important to them. Openpath smart readers fit seamlessly into their modern Santa Monica office.

Cloud software

Because Leaf Group builds brands around technology, they need to use the best technology in their office to stay true to their message. Leaf Group clients know the company is dedicated to harnessing technology when they see Openpath’s innovative access control immediately upon their arrival to the Leaf Group office.


We help the Leaf group be SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) compliant with asset and data protection, change management, and audit and traceability support.

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