KPG Funds Case Study

Elite boutique office building becomes the first hands-free, frictionless offering of its kind in NYC.

NYC real estate investment firm implements hands-free technology to create the first-ever “Frictionless Forever” corporate office building


For KPG Funds, creating an upscale workplace environment with a focus on security and safety is the only way to move forward in the post-COVID world. That’s why their new high-end, boutique office project in downtown Manhattan needed to be modern, effortless and streamlined, but still offer top-tier, future-proof safety features to give tenants the peace of mind to feel safe at work. In order to bring to life their vision for the first hands-free, frictionless office in NYC at L’Atelier at 446 Broadway, they sought out a wellness-minded security solution that wouldn’t slow things down—a key selling point in the city that never sleeps. KPG Funds needed a reliable security system that wouldn’t interrupt the daily flow, was designed to fit with the premium aesthetic of the space, and offered smart hands-free configurations throughout the building.

Touchless access control installation

Installing the Openpath system is both cost-efficient and effortless for security integrator ESCC. Even in the gut-renovation, historic cast iron building, Openpath readers are designed to conveniently mount wherever they’re needed, and the cloud-based platform eliminates the need to dedicate space to a cumbersome on-site server. KPG Funds plans to roll out similar touchless access systems across their existing and future portfolio.

Key features

Touchless access

Openpath’s hands-free readers and mobile credentials eliminate touch points throughout the building, without compromising security or convenience. The automated door entry, as well as floor-by-floor elevator control, are key components of KPG Funds’ unique touchless NYC office design, giving tenants added peace of mind.

Elevated aesthetic

With a sleek, award-winning design, the Openpath readers compliment the modernized look of the new KPG Funds office building. Blending seamlessly with the high-end finishes of the renovated space, Openpath combines the best of form and function, contributing to the overall appeal and user experience of the frictionless office concept.

Remote management

To help tenants accommodate a changing post-COVID workforce, Openpath’s cloud-based system can be managed remotely, even when nobody is at the office. Administrators can easily trigger a remote door unlock, activate a lockdown plan, or instantly credential new users and visitors without needing to be on-site.

Efficient installation

ESCC, a leading provider of enterprise security and communications solutions in NYC, selected the Openpath access control platform for its quick and simple installation process. The convenient wiring architecture helps ESCC meet the increasing demands of high-end commercial spaces, both in new construction and renovated buildings, where integrators can reuse existing wiring if needed.

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