K1 Investment

“Openpath is really easy to use, especially because it’s integrated into our smartphones. It's simple to enter at any moment and anytime”

Emi Matsumoto | Information Technology at K1

Investment firm uses Openpath to appeal to high-tech clients

When it comes to office aesthetics, K1 Investments taps into future-forward design and premium, innovative security to appeal to its high-tech client base.

Sleek design

Openpath’s sophisticated, minimalist design enhances the look and feel of K1’s new high-tech office space, delivering both on aesthetic as well as superior user experience from the moment an employee arrives at the parking gate and throughout the building.

Convenient flexibility

K1 employees use their smartphones to access the office thanks to Openpath’s mobile credentials. The simple interface makes it easy to distribute custom guest passes via text or email, as well as conveniently manage building access remotely to accommodate deliveries and  unscheduled maintenance when the team is working from home.

Compliance & security

Openpath’s encrypted, cloud-based software keeps K1’s highly confidential information contained by protecting private meetings with defined access privileges, plus easily integrates with systems across the office for complete control and security.

Access made beautiful

Sleek solutions for a future-focused investment firm

Openpath’s sophisticated design and state-of-the-art technology is the perfect fit for K1’s vision of their high-tech headquarters.

Challenge: Compliance and convenience

With a growing list of enterprise software clients, an important part of K1’s continued success depends on making a stellar first impression—and keeping private information protected. With many different types of spaces requiring varying levels of access and security, including open layouts, indoor/outdoor communal areas, and private touchdown rooms, their access control management needs to be secure, customizable and available remotely 24/7 to accommodate door entry even when no one is physically in the office. Most of all, they wanted to create a high-tech, future-oriented space that’s as functional as it is beautiful.

Solution: Frictionless mobile access

Openpath is the perfect partner for a firm like K1, that values both sophisticated design and innovative technology. Because K1’s business practices include a constantly rotating roster of visitors across a range of meeting space types, they needed a touchless access control solution that could keep up. As security is a top concern for K1, Openpath’s end-to-end encrypted platform offers best in class technology to meet compliance requirements and protect their clients’ highly sensitive information. Openpath’s mobile credentials and cloud-based software offer a hands-free, frictionless entry experience throughout the building, as well as the ability to remotely manage users and access levels from anywhere. Plus, the modern readers fit right into K1’s minimalist, future-forward aesthetic.