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Openpath + Accrisoft for Stamford Jewish Community Center

“Remote management is important for our facility. The ability to control access from anywhere in the world is huge.” 

- Marshall Kurland, CEO at The Stamford Jewish Community Center

Streamlining security and membership in the cloud

Accrisoft integration

Stamford JCC automatically syncs their Accrisoft membership information with Openpath access.

Remote management

With a convenient cloud-based dashboard, Stamford JCC can oversee security from anywhere.

Customized access

The community center can set different access levels across 35 doors based on groups, location, and time.

Flexible Lockdown

Openpath gives The JCC the ability to create customized lockdown plans according to specific security scenarios. 

Benefits of Openpath and Accrisoft

Challenge: Streamlining security for members

Spanning over 85,000 square feet and housing multiple businesses in its facility, The Stamford Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Connecticut hosts daily classes, large-scale events, summer camps, after-school programs and more. The community center sees over 2,000 people passing through the Stamford lobby turnstiles daily, and uses Accrisoft’s membership management software to track membership levels, facility access rights benefits, and conduct commerce with members. When choosing access control, the center needed a solution that could integrate with Accrisoft while providing easy entry for members.

The JCC was looking to upgrade from their previous on-premise security system to a flexible cloud-based option that could be remotely managed and easily scaled across their sites. As member and staff safety always remains the highest priority, a system with secure access options was non-negotiable. To streamline deployment, Accrisoft recommended integrating with Openpath, both for its convenient cloud software, and its enhanced security features. “We are believers in the open API,” stated Jeff Kline, CEO and President of Accrisoft. “After a great deal of research and vetting the decision very thoroughly, we landed on Openpath.” 

Solution: Flexible access control

By using Openpath and Accrisoft together, The Stamford JCC can simultaneously streamline membership management and security. The seamless integration makes it effortless to sync and track membership data with Accrisoft and control access according to membership status. The community center’s varying schedules across different buildings and spaces also demands flexibility in entry. Openpath’s customizable access enables operators to set different levels of permissions based on schedules and locations. To give members a more secure and convenient way to access the facility, Openpath’s touchless Wave to Unlock lets them open doors and turnstiles with a simple wave – and the kids love it. 

The Openpath system can be managed from any mobile device, so admins can easily check activity at peak hours, unlock doors, and adjust schedules remotely. In addition, Openpath’s remote operation alleviates community members’ concerns regarding safety, allowing management to lock different sections of the building and trigger lockdown plans in the event of an emergency. Overall, the integrated system helps make people feel safe inside the facility, so everyone can enjoy being a part of the growing community.