Lior Elazary, CEO of Invia

"From everyone here at Invia Robotics we wanted to thank you guys at Openpath, you really created a cool product"

Invia Robotics Case Study

Invia Robotics provides cutting edge robotic solutions for the fulfillment industry. Yes – they make super cool robots and No, you can’t buy one to clean your home but you can get a fleet of robots to help make your warehouse even more productive. Reach out to them at if you’re interested in learning more.

Invia’s Challenge:

The company is growing fast, really fast. They have employees coming and going at all hours of the day and night. They are also adding new hires on a weekly basis, so the complexity of managing physical keys and issuing them to employees was getting way out of hand. They knew they needed an access control system but were underwhelmed by all the outdated options presented to them. “We looked at the systems out there and felt frustrated – instead of handing out and tracking keys, we were going to be handing out and tracking badges,” said Lior Elazary, CEO of Invia. “Plus now we were going to have to run some kludgy access control software on a local server which is another management and security headache”

Openpath’s Solution:

Invia is a company and already runs most of their technology in the cloud so Openpath’s cloud based solution was a perfect fit. No managing servers and local software, no worrying about how to access the control panel from home or when on the road and no worrying about security vulnerabilities on a local windows machine. With Openpath they can login from anywhere, sync the system with GSuite to manage users and best of all never worry about collecting another badge from an employee. “We already use our phones to open the door or check the temperature at home, so it made total sense that we would use our phones to access the doors at our office,“ said Dan Parks, COO of Invia Robotics.

Key features Invia Robotics loves:

GSuite integration: All their users stay synchronized with GSuite so no need to manage users separately in the Access Control system.

Instantly grant access, Instantly revoke access: No long administrative process to onboard a new employee or contractor. They download the app and they are instantly in. Same goes for revoking access – just remove the user from the system and their app no longer works. No chasing down employees to return cards or keys.

Cloud Based: One single pane of glass to manage the whole system. They future proofed their access needs and can now scale to easily add more doors or more sites without having to invest in any more software or servers.

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