Erik Huberman, Founder and CEO of Hawke Media

"It’s allowed us to have that emotional feel of an open space that’s for all of us."

Hawke Media Case Study

Hawke Media is an LA-based marketing agency that functions as an outsourced CMO for over 450 companies. They find gaps in their clients’ marketing strategies and come up with full-service solutions to deliver better results. While their headquarters are in Los Angeles, they’ve opened a New York office, and hope to expand to more areas soon.

Hawke Media's Challenge:

Given Hawke's mission is to improve their clients’ branding, they need to set an example with their own office: they want a security system that is welcoming and innovative. They require flexibility from their access control solution to meet their employees’ irregular work schedule and frequent office visitors.

Openpath's Solution:

When Erik Huberman, Founder and CEO of Hawke Media, first experienced Openpath’s Triple Unlock technology, he was shocked to find something that was so "cool and innovative." With Openpath, he gets both security and flexibility. Employees can come early and work late, coming and going as they please due to our easy-to-manage cloud software. In addition, LA employees can be granted access to the NY office with the touch of a button. Our integration with Envoy ensures that visitors have a frictionless experience. Visitors can be sent cloud keys before their arrival to unlock doors within their web browser (without needing to have the Openpath app on their device).

Key features Hawke Media loves:

Design - The sleek, modern look of the Openpath reader fits in effortlessly with the office space to give a positive first impression to visitors.

Mobile credentials - A mobile-enabled access control system lets Hawke spend their time welcoming employees, instead of the technicalities of opening doors and distributing visitors passes.

Ease of use - As Workplace Operations Coordinator, Lauren Makielski puts it: Openpath allows Hawke to maintain a high level of security, "without me having to perform a bunch of extra steps."

Integrations - Openpath's integration with Envoy allows visitor management and access control to coordinate so that your visitors have access to your workplace at the appropriate times, and feel welcome in the community during their stay. Openpath’s integration with Slack allows users to control doors and access from Slack through different commands.

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