Nitin Thakor, CEO of Gebbs Healthcare Solutions

"Almost all our employees have the mobile app and use it everyday!"

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions Case Study

GeBBs Healthcare Solutions is a leading national provider of revenue cycle management (RCM) and health information management (HIM) solutions. They make sure your health insurance gets billed and processed so you don’t have to.

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions' Challenge:

GeBBS handles a lot of private healthcare data, so it was very important for them to find an access control solution that was compliant with HIPAA standards. GeBBS has offices internationally so they would have both visitors and employees coming in and out of their Culver City headquarters, and wanted to find a solution that would allow them the flexibility to grant temporary access to visitors while also keeping record of who is entering the office.

Openpath’s Solution:

Openpath was designed with security in mind, and it was important for us to remain compliant with all security requirements, including HIPAA (See all our security compliance and certifications here). GeBBs was also able to leverage Openpath’s guest pass feature to grant temporary access to visitors that is activated simply by clicking on a link from text and managed from a single pane of glass. They no longer needed to deal with having extra key cards laying around, and trying to retrieve them back from visitors.

Key features they love:

Reporting made easy. Part of being HIPAA compliant requires tracking who is coming in and out of the office, with Openpath’s built in reporting, they can run reports instantly.

Guest Passes make managing visitors seamless. Now they can easily grant temporary access via email or text to vendors or contractors.

Openpath’s cloud-based system lets them manage their system anywhere. They are now able to manage their system remotely via the web portal, and no longer need to physically be in the office to let someone in.

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