Friedman Real Estate

“The Openpath and Cisco Meraki integration filled a need without having to compromise quality of service. Now we have great security and great cameras, and it’s something that attracts tenants to our properties.”

Scott MacDougall | IT Director

Integrating video and access for better real estate security

Remote unlock

With contractors and staff coming at all hours, Openpath makes it quick and easy to unlock any door directly in the app, without having to drive to the property or leave people out in the rain.

Openpath x Meraki Integration

By linking Meraki cameras to Openpath access activity, Friedman can visually check who is at the door before letting them in, improving security and issue response time.

Cloud-based systems

Friedman loves the flexibility and convenience of Openpath’s cloud technology, making their entire security system faster and more responsive than traditional on-premise systems.

Visual Activity reports

The Visual Activity dashboard and detailed Activity Log allow the Friedman team to generate custom reports, boosting compliance and streamlining audits for all entry activities.

Challenge: Remote entry management

Friedman Real Estate manages more than 140 commercial properties encompassing over 16M square feet, and more than 22,000 apartment homes throughout the United States. With such a large portfolio of properties, having the ability to quickly confirm and enforce access events with visual evidence and automated alerts was top of mind when choosing security providers. 

However, most all-in-one solutions for both access control and video surveillance were extremely expensive, and still lacked the high-level security features and flexibility they needed.  With siloed, on-premise systems, there were too many programs to log into, and it took too long to accomplish basic tasks, like unlocking the door for someone who forgot their fob. People were tired of waiting out in the rain or snow to be let inside. Especially with people coming and going at all hours of the day, the Friedman team wanted best-of-breed property management security and safety technology, without compromising experience or slowing down operations.

Solution: Cloud-based integrations

Taking full advantage of Openpath’s open API architecture and cloud-based platform, Friedman was able to easily connect their Cisco Meraki security cameras with their Openpath access control through an out-of-the-box integration. Now they have two top-tier solutions that work together seamlessly for more efficient entry management across their entire portfolio.  

Utilizing Openpath’s remote access features, Friedman’s building management teams receive alerts for failed unlock authorizations and unlock attempts during off-peak hours when there is minimal staff onsite. With convenient thumbnails of each entry event in the Openpath platform, they can easily check to confirm who’s at the door, with more detailed video footage from the Meraki cameras just a click away. They can then remotely unlock the door in the Openpath app, helping them expedite entry requests without having to be onsite. Plus, with a detailed activity log and visual snapshots of each entry event, auditing and resolving security issues is fast and frustration-free.