Sharon Rechter, Co-founder First Media

"I have this one solution...all of my doors all over the world are on my phone, and all we need to do is just grow our company - Openpath takes care of the rest!"

First Media Case Study

First Media is a media company focusing on cross platform content for millennial women. Their brands Blossom, So Yummy, BabyFirstTV and Real Moms are viewed by 65 Million people every day via social media, Youtube, TV and mobile. If you’re one of the very few people in this world who doesn’t already subscribe to their amazing content, then check them out on facebook, YouTube or at their website

First Media’s Challenge:

Its one thing to target millennials and build content for them, but it’s a whole other thing to employ them and make sure they have a great workspace to create in. First Media employs a fast growing team of creative people who build out all their great content. They needed to create a creative and fun work environment that was also safe and easily accessible day or night. As they built out their new offices on two floors of a high rise building they wanted to find a way to make their office really secure while not making their employees feel encumbered or watched over by big sister.

Openpath’s Solution:

First Media is able to leverage Openpath’s scheduling tools to keep their office doors unlocked during the work day and locked at night and on weekends. Their employees can use their phones to gain access after hours or on weekends and their receptionist can leave her station at lunch, lock down the door and know that everyone can still come and go using their mobile app. “I had contractors coming to work at the office over the weekend and I was able to unlock the door remotely for them,” said Madeleine West, Office Manager. “I was so relieved to not have to drive in to the office to open the door for them – Openpath saved my weekend!” Safety and security also played a big role in the success of this solution. “We can see who comes and goes and at what hours which gives us peace of mind that our employees are safe and secure at night when they are working late,” says Sharon Rechtor, President and Co-founder.

Key features First Media loves:

It works on any phone: Their office is pretty split between Iphone and Android and the app works great on both platforms. It even works on the Apple Watch!

Reporting rocks: For the first time the management team has visibility into who comes and goes and how their new office spaced is being used. This is giving them better insight into how to scale to keep up with their massive growth.

Guest Passes are easy: Because you can send an email or text message with a temporary guest pass to anyone coming to visit the office, it makes it easy to set meetings early in the morning or later in the day once the door is locked.

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