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Embarc Collective

“The Openpath platform can be so well-integrated and managed holistically. It’s easy to use and flexible enough that we can adapt it to our needs.”

- Kelly Kehoe, Vice President of Administration & Operations at Embarc Collective

Leveraging cloud integrations for frictionless security

Easy integration

Kognition and Openpath work seamlessly alongside other visitor management, analytics, and operations tools.

Remote management

The Embarc Collective team can adjust schedules, permissions, and users at any time, from anywhere in the cloud-based dashboard.

Visual verification 

37 Kognition cameras pair with 51 Openpath readers and mobile credentials for instant, touchless entry without a keycard.

Intuitive tech

Designed for ease of use and flexibility, the system easily adapts to meet new demands without interrupting daily operations.

Benefits of Openpath and Kognition

Challenge: Adaptable tech stacks

When it came to securing, operationalizing, and managing Embarc Collective’s brand new 32,000 square foot startup innovation hub, the operations team knew a cloud-first approach was the way to go. Embarc Collective needed the flexibility to support a hybrid work environment, as well as protect the intellectual property of their 300+ members, all while accommodating a rotating roster of members, guests, and event attendees. They also wanted the ability to visually audit any incidents and to integrate that technology seamlessly across all aspects of operations. 

To get a clear picture of what’s happening in their space at any given moment, Embarc Collective installed 37 Kognition video cameras and 51 Openpath door readers, enabling touchless entry with mobile credentials and identity verification. Plus, the interoperable cloud-based platform opened the door for integrations with Envoy Visitor and Protect, which were key to facilitating their fast, compliant, and reliable COVID-19 re-opening procedures.

Solution: Smart, integrated systems

Openpath and Kognition make it easy for Embarc Collective to keep their facilities safe and secure, without inhibiting the productivity and innovation of their members. The video security and access control integrations work seamlessly, allowing the Embarc Collective operations team to handle entry requests from anywhere in the remote dashboard. Embarc Collective is able to set both general access and on-demand permissions for each user or group, as well as control the number of guests allowed in the facility. Kognition’s fully compliant front door ID verification simplifies access, connecting to Openpath mobile credentials so users can simply walk up and unlock the door without presenting a badge or touching a reader. With nearly 100% mobile adoption, Embarc Collective can easily onboard new members, and simplify temporary access for hosted events and visitors.

Plus, Kognition’s smart analytics can recognize both unauthorized persons and repeat visitors, ensuring VIPs are met with an amazing experience, while security incidents are handled quickly and efficiently. With more data at their fingertips than they ever expected, the Embarc Collective team can now easily audit and analyze usage throughout their entire facility to keep improving the member experience, streamlining operations, and future-proofing their workspace.