"I became excited right away for the ease of use and the benefits for our operations. Now, I get compliments from employees instead of complaints."

Jim Moran | Area Supervisor at Domino's

Technology provides frictionless employee access for Domino's

Hands-free access

Employees can open the door with a wave or touch of the reader, even when carrying an armful of hot food.

Triple Unlock technology

Openpath's patented Triple Unlock technology ensures a faster, more reliable door unlock. You don't have to worry about spotty cell service or the Internet being down.

Directory software integration

In a high-turnover industry, employees are added and subtracted automatically anytime a change is made to their directory service.

Security and convenience

At the forefront of combining food-service and modern technology

See how Openpath’s access control solution was able to solve a multitude of security challenges without sacrificing convenience, to enhance the experience of both management and staff in a fast-paced industry.

Challenge: Security that can keep up

In the fast-faced food delivery service, employees are tasked with quickly entering and exiting the building, oftentimes with hot items and large boxes in their hands. Being able to seamlessly come and go, without leaving the door open and unlocked is a constant safety and operational concern. In addition, the restaurant industry is known for high turnover rate amongst employees which makes a manual credentialing system of the staff painstaking and costly to administer.

Solution: Hands-free mobile access

Openpath’s patented Triple Unlock technology, paired with the convenience of the hands-free entry, was paramount in allowing employees to get in and out of the door rapidly, with their hands full, and without needing to stop and fumble for keys or a badge. "You do not have to access the app when you’re entering the store, you just have to have the phone in your pocket. That's night and day over the other systems we've tried." said Jim Moran, Area Supervisor.

Additionally, being able to add and delete users with the click of a button from Openpath's cloud-based access control system for retail stores makes managing employee access and credentials instantaneous, freeing up the system administrator to deal with pressing day-to-day business needs. "With Openpath, I can just go to my laptop and add people, subtract people. We have a high turnover in the restaurant industry so to get people off that back door system quickly and easily is very important to us." Rob Hoff, Regional Director