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Clinton-Macomb Public Library

"Thanks to the library’s partnership with Openpath, we now offer full self-service access to multiple meeting and study rooms, saving everyone time and increasing customer convenience and satisfaction."

Larry Neal | Library Director

Openpath transforms library security with mobile access

Open standards

A seamless integration with the Communico app delivers secure, fully self service reservation-based access for library patrons.

Flexible permissions

Openpath makes it easy to accommodate different access levels and work schedules for the library staff.

Intuitive software

Admins can easily manage access and monitor security for all library sites and locations from a single dashboard.

Mobile credentials

Openpath’s mobile system eliminates key cards, so staff can use their phones to securely unlock the door.

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Challenge: Disparate security systems

With three buildings all equipped with different access control systems, the Clinton-Macomb Public Library needed a more streamlined way to manage their building access system, without inhibiting entry for library patrons. When choosing a new solution, they wanted a government compliant door entry system that combined site management to make building and room access easier. The library also lets patrons reserve study and meeting rooms in advance, and was looking for technology compatible with their current hardware and library app to grant secure access to these areas while eliminating staff mediation. 

Certified Openpath partner and installer The Flying Locksmith recommended the cloud-based platform to bring all three sites into one dashboard, as well as provide more flexibility for the library staff. The interoperable open standards were also a key factor in choosing Openpath, as it allowed Clinton-Macomb to seamlessly integrate with their Communico library app for guest reservations.

Solution: Fully integrated access

Openpath makes managing the library’s building access system easier than ever. The combined cloud-based dashboard allows administrators to monitor access activity in real-time for all buildings. Automatic alerting keeps them informed of any incidents, and the remote unlock feature means no more running between sites to open the door for contractors, deliveries, or vendors. Switching to Openpath’s mobile-based system lets library staff use their phones for secure access, eliminating their old cumbersome key cards. Flexible schedules and granular permissions accommodate the varying levels of access needed, from full-time staff to those that only need access a few times a month. 

In addition, the Communico app integration is “seamless and perfect” for granting hassle-free guest access to the library’s well-loved meeting and study spaces. Users register ahead of time in the app, and receive a code via email for secure and immediate access via keypad during their reservation time. The result: no lines, no waiting, no need to check-in at the front desk, and patrons love the new system.