Catchpoint Case Study

Catchpoint is a leading digital monitoring experience platform.

They make sure all the things on the Internet stay up and running


Catchpoint’s team has grown quickly over the years and they wanted to find an access control solution that could scale with their expanding team. Since they are responsible for monitoring some of the most trafficked sites on the web, it was important that their access control solution was able to comply with strict SOC 2 Compliance requirements. Catchpoint strives to provide a premiere technology experience to its clients, so it was important for them to find an access control solution that provided a seamless experience to its employees.

Secure and reliable

Meeting compliance standards while embracing frictionless access

Catchpoint appreciates Openpath’s high tech, premium feel that doesn’t sacrifice convenience for security. 

Key features

Mobile credentials

Catchpoint does not have to worry about managing keycards with their growing team, with unlimited mobile credentials they are able to scale seamlessly.

Wave to unlock

Catchpoint employees love being able to get into their office with the wave of their hand or touch of the reader.

Two-factor authentication

There’s certain parts of Catchpoint that require more security and they are able to add an extra layer of security by enabling 2FA and requiring users to unlock their device via the biometrics on their phone.

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