Kyle Walsh, Global Security Operations Control Manager at Bird Rides

"You have a package that is super easy to roll out, super scalable, great support, and affordable."

Bird Rides Case Study

Bird Rides is a Rideshare 2.0 company that provides an e-scooter service in over 120 cities around the world. This LA-based start-up makes 100% electric scooters as a green transportation alternative, pledging to reduce carbon emissions and decrease congestion posed by cars. Since 2017, they’ve grown drastically. Just one year after their initial launch, they had provided 10 million rides.

Bird Rides' Challenge:

With this growing consumer demand, 100 employees in their home office in Santa Monica became 900 people in eight months, with offices in several locations. With rapid growth, came an urgent access control need. This hot startup sought a security solution that keeps employees safe and secure—but wasn’t difficult to use. In addition, they looked for something fun that would fit their office culture.

Openpath's Solution:

Bird Rides and Openpath share a similar vision of improving user experience through innovative technology. As mobile technology is an important part of Bird Rides’ brand experience, they liked Openpath’s mobile technology and web-based application for a seamless office experience. Kyle Walsh, Global Security Operations Control Manager at Bird Rides, likes Openpath because it gives him the confidence that his company’s office is safe, while simultaneously providing a frictionless experience of access. Specifically, he appreciates how it is intuitive to add and remove credentials and clearance levels in the Openpath dashboard.

Key features Bird Rides loves:

Easy installation - The Openpath system is installed by our channel partners who have gone through our personalized training. Installation is seamless and hassle-free for customers.

Scalability - With Bird Rides' growing team, Openpath allows them to make sure the right people have access to their buildings. New users can be easily added to the system or automatically added with an active directory integration.

24/7 customer support - Openpath is there for Bird Rides' every need and works with them on updates and product enhancements.

Monthly subscription - Bird Rides appreciates Openpath's affordable solution for their business, decreasing administrative time and cost.

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