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Openpath and Camio Integration

Unauthorized access detection with leading AI-powered video surveillance technology to protect people, property, and your bottom line.

Real-time video surveillance and access control 

Camio transforms any network camera into an intelligent and secure video monitoring platform. The Openpath and Camio integration provides automatic passback and tailgating detection combined with access activity in the Camio platform, with real-time alerts and insights. Deploying the cloud-based integration only takes minutes, and provides situational awareness to improve security monitoring and response for a single door, or an entire enterprise.

An integration with Openpath and Camio’s video surveillance gives businesses the benefit of: 
  • Mitigating tailgating incidents at key entry points

  • Receiving alerts for access events including entry ajar, entry forced, tailgating, passback, and entry unlocked 

  • Tracking entry events, identifying trends, and communicating with team members via customizable dashboards

  • Associating access activity with real-time video footage and insights

  • Improving cybersecurity with best practices that meet stringent IT requirements

  • Remote 3-minute setup and easy integration for quick deployment

  • SaaS deployment ease for budget flexibility in choosing which doors to monitor when

How it works 

Camio uses AI to turn standard 2D cameras into 3D sensors — without the cost and complexity of installing specialized devices for infrared, laser, or stereoscopic vision. The technology anonymously tracks and analyzes movement without storing personally identifiable information (PII) and triggers real-time alerts so SOCs and security teams can take immediate action.

Camio integrates with Openpath with 3 clicks in less than 2 minutes. Openpath events trigger Camio video analysis that automatically detects unauthorized access events as they occur. Query filters optimize ROI by monitoring only the events related to the risks being mitigated. Camio learns continuously to expedite video review for 50x greater efficiency via 90% fewer false positives and five times faster search.

Unified video surveillance and access control

The Openpath Video Reader Pro seamlessly integrates with Camio’s technology for a more complete visual of what’s happening in your space. 

  • Get Camio alerts for tailgating, paired with real-time video footage of the access event at the door where it occurred

  • Add visual verification to key entries without having to install and provision an additional camera

  • Built on open standards, the Video Reader Pro can export video into the Camio VMS

  • See access alerts from Openpath entries with video thumbnails and on-demand playback on your mobile device

Use cases 

Tailgating detection: Camio triggers automated tailgating alerts to authorized personnel, viewable from any browser, with the option to notify the people involved in the incident.

Anti-Passback: Camio indexes the badge IDs used to open doors, so if the same badge is used to admit multiple people, the event is flagged as passback.

False alarm detection: Camio identifies door ajar alarms that include people entering the building. The Camio video analysis pipeline reduces false positives by 93%, allowing guard dispatch to address true threats only.

Regulatory compliance: Camio provides automated detection to defend against unauthorized access as a central requirement for SOC 2, PCI DSS, HIPAA and related regulatory compliance.

Contact tracing: COVID-19 contact tracing is 6x faster with the combination of indexed access control events and Camio social distancing and mask detection.   

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