Parking lot entry and exit access control systems

Parking management solutions are vital to keeping your premises secure, but many of the existing solutions—especially those that are keycard-based—are expensive and time-consuming to manage. Even worse, because criminals can copy keycards and employees often share keycards with each other, these systems are not always the safest.

One way to overcome these limitations is to integrate a smartphone-based, access control solution with your parking lots and parking garages. Such a solution offers several excellent benefits from the perspective of cost, time-management and elevated security. 

Parking Access Control Systems Meet Mobile, Cloud-Based Technology

Employees and Visitors Can Enter Parking Areas With Their Smartphones (No Keycard Required). Most companies have employees or visitors entering and exiting their parking areas throughout the day. Granting seamless parking access control to everyone can be a nightmare from a logistical perspective.

If you have a keycard-based entry system—which is what most modern parking facilities use—the manager in charge of parking lot security will spend a lot of time issuing access control cards to new employees and guests. Not only that, but card systems require regular maintenance and monitoring to replace missing, lost and broken cards—and to revoke access from former employees.

Openpath’s smartphone-based access control system provides an alternative way to grant and revoke parking access. Managers simply provide employees and guests with a link via email. They’ll download the Openpath smartphone app onto their iPhone or Android devices, and receive immediate access to your facility. In this way, Openpath bypasses all the costs and time associated with traditional access card solutions.

Plus, Openpath supports anti-passback, a feature commonly used with parking structures. Anti-passback means administrators can define in/out parking gates that force users to exit before they can enter again. This helps prevent users from sharing credentials as well as ensure a set flow of traffic.

Know Exactly Who Is Entering and Exiting Your Parking Areas

Unlike keycards—which employees can easily trade back and forth with each other—smartphones are less likely to be passed around. This gives you a clearer picture of who has entered and exited your parking garage, and when. This is helpful not just for general security, but also in matters such as if an employee or visitor hits another parked car.

Want to be extra certain that only the specific person you authorized has access to your parking area? Openpath supports multifactor authentication, which lets you require a biometric input at the gate via your employee’s smartphone. This prevents employees from loaning their phones to friends or fellow coworkers. It also means that your parking access records will be as close as it gets to flawless.

Openpath Integrates With Your Existing Parking Management Setup

Openpath’s readers seamlessly integrate with your property’s existing parking gates. If you’d like to find out how easy and affordable it is to add mobile access functionality to your parking management system, contact the Openpath team for a parking access control consultation now.

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