Mobile is playing an increasing role in improving the daily lives of individuals. Thanks to the advent of cloud and IoT-enabled devices, it’s never been easier to control every need imaginable through a mobile device. However, access control continues to challenge companies who are otherwise providing a mobile-first and open environment to their employees. Often, employees are required to use outdated key cards and badges at the absence of reliable and latency-free mobile access options.

Openpath’s co-founder and president James Segil sat down with James McHale from Memoori to discuss how Openpath is meeting the needs of businesses looking for a mobile-first solution. In addition, James provided an overview on where new access control technology is headed.

Agile framework for seamless administration

Traditional access control solutions use dedicated servers onsite that communicate with readers over legacy, unencrypted Wiegand wiring. Maintaining these servers can be costly, often requiring specialized technicians and considerable downtime. Synchronizing data across these standalone servers is tenuous at best, posing a problem for multi-site customers.

As a result, between the installation, storage and maintenance costs, access control has never been a truly scalable solution.

Cloud-based access control dramatically alleviates that problem because it allows users to administer access to multiple offices from the device of their choice. This makes scalability more attainable with improved efficiency over a server-based access control system. Plus, an open API and SDK means you can easily integrate your access control system with the platforms and applications you use every day.

Access control becomes un-siloed

While many of today’s applications seamlessly integrate with one another in the office, access control has traditionally stood alone from all other systems. Yet, many businesses rely on a single source of truth to handle all employee administration needs such as Active Directory and G Suite.

With open, cloud-based access control systems, companies can easily administer or revoke access credentials in real-time. Through strategic integrations, businesses not only improve their overall security and administration capabilities, but can provide a better experience to guests and employees alike.

Better creativity around office security

Access control has applications well beyond the security industry. Through API integrations, companies can innovate to enhance their current product offering.

For instance, one multi-tenant landlord used the Openpath API to build an amenity app, which allows tenants to have a more interactive experience. For instance, with the ability to reserve common areas or assign guest passes, apartment complexes create a unique value-add for their property. The future of open access means smarter workspaces and improved mobile experiences for employees and tenants alike.

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