Why custom dashboards are critical for security management

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Openpath is excited to roll out mobile-optimized custom dashboards. With the goal of making security monitoring more efficient and effective for any size organization, the custom dashboard feature improves visibility and control across all entries, sites, and locations, providing instant access to the most relevant data from anywhere, on any device.

What are custom dashboards? 

The access control dashboard acts as the hub for monitoring access activity across the entire organization. With the ability to customize which data and controls populate in the default view, custom dashboards enable fast response times and give each user a better, more comprehensive understanding of the information that’s most critical to their day-to-day operations.

Features of Openpath custom dashboards

Customizable widgets

Configure the custom dashboards with widgets that display the data and controls most relevant to each user, including: 

  • Live Event Feed — See entry events and alerts in real-time, such as door forced open or door left ajar, hardware and sensor status changes, and lockdown activation.

    Entry Controls — Allows you to unlock specific entries directly from your default dashboard, with the option to trigger preset unlock durations.

  • Identity Verification — Shows a real-time visual of who is accessing a specific entry, plus a history of who accessed that entry. You can monitor multiple entries in one User Access widget, or add individual widgets to monitor different entries simultaneously.

  • Lockdown Plans — Quickly trigger or revert your organization’s preset Lockdown plans in a single click.

  • Activity Feed — See all access activity for each user and entry in your entire organization, with convenient filters for easy search.

  • Occupancy — Gives users a quick view of occupancy levels by zone, based on set capacity limits.

  • Hardware Count Easily check the number and status of Openpath controllers and readers across the entire organization. 

  • Statistics — Quickly check the status of the system with the number and percentage of active users and total number of events in the past 12 hours. 

  • Additional reports New functionalities will continue to roll out automatically including live video feed, maps, and alarm widgets.

User-centric design

  • Mobile optimized — Openpath’s dashboard interface has been optimized for use on both desktop and mobile devices, making it easier to access your most important data and controls wherever you are.

  • User-based customization — Custom dashboards can be configured at scale for each user’s needs, enabling a security guard to monitor a single entry from one phone or tablet, all the way up to a Global Security Operations Center managing thousands of entries across multiple monitors.

  • Easy-to-use editor — Use the drag-and-drop editor to configure, resize, and add new widgets to your dashboard. You can edit or reconfigure your dashboard at any time.

  • As many dashboards as you need — Create an unlimited number of dashboards for each user, site, and organization. Easily toggle between all dashboards for your organization, and set user-specific read/write privileges.

  • Default dashboard — Set default dashboards at the user level for fast access to the most important controls and data on login.

Benefits of custom dashboards

  • Faster response time
    Save time when it matters most. Setting a default custom dashboard means fewer clicks to get to vital functions, such as remotely unlocking the door or activating a sitewide lockdown plan. When everything you need is available as soon as you log in, responding to unlock requests, emergency situations, and security threats is fast and efficient.
  • Focused, granular control
    Because each user can customize their main view in the Control Center to show the widgets that matter most to their day-to-day operations, custom dashboards remove clutter for more efficient security monitoring. With the ability to set up widgets to monitor a single door or the activity of the entire organization, the level of focus is entirely up to you.
  • Remote access 24/7
    Now your software goes wherever you do. Mobile-optimized custom dashboards are accessible on any device, from anywhere in the world. With 24/7 access to what’s happening across every site and location, you can address security issues in real-time.
  • Improve ROI
    Have the right data accessible when you need it. With customized dashboards, you gain a broader perspective of security across your entire organization. Notice trends in access data with continuous reporting, identify areas of improvement or opportunities for automation, and optimize processes to better serve your business.

Upgrade your Control Center today

Custom dashboards are currently available with Openpath Premium and Enterprise software packages. Contact us today to start managing your access control and physical security with custom dashboards.