Openpath App Marketplace: guide to seamless system integrations

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What is the Openpath App Marketplace?

Openpath’s access control solution is built to seamlessly integrate with other software, apps, and hardware systems. The App Marketplace is a hub of the integrations and features available for Openpath systems. Located in the Control Center, the App Marketplace allows users to find new ways to leverage Openpath’s open platform to streamline operations, automate procedures, and strengthen their security posture.

Featuring integration apps and custom-built solutions from leading technology providers, the App Marketplace provides an intuitive experience to discover, manage, and unify all the tools needed to run your business. The growing ecosystem of integrations and features for Openpath systems helps businesses stay ahead of the latest security trends, and build a future-proof system.

The App Marketplace features integration apps for: 
  • Video surveillance and management 

  • Identity providers and services

  • Business analytics tools 

  • Safety and wellness solutions

  • Visitor and guest management 

  • Tenant amenities apps 

  • Wireless locks

Benefits of the App Marketplace

  • Unified systems and software – One of the key benefits to an integrated security system is the ability to bring different components together. Not only does this mean that systems communicate more effectively with one another through shared data streams, it also can result in more impactful technology with less investment. Separately, security systems such as access control, video security, and visitor management are important and necessary. However, by unifying all your tools into a single system through the App Marketplace, you get better visibility throughout all your properties and spaces, the ability to automate tasks across multiple platforms, and more powerful insights to inform business decisions. 

  • Best-of-breed technology – Unification through integration gives you the best of each individual technology component, without having to settle for the lowest common denominator. Tools like the App Marketplace make it easy to choose the right tools and providers for your unique business needs, and bring them together in a way that works for you. This is often more cost-effective than all-in-one solutions, without the hassle of managing disparate systems. Openpath works with leading technology companies like Ava, Cisco Meraki, Google Workspace, Splunk, Azure, Envoy, and Okta, plus many more top providers with no limit to the number of apps the system can support.    

  • Customizable via open API and SDK – Openpath was built on completely open standards, giving organizations the freedom to create an access control and security system that meets their individual needs. Designed to be interoperable at every level, the App Marketplace allows technology companies to easily leverage Openpath’s open API architecture and mobile SDK to create customized solutions for Openpath users. Configuring new apps is as easy as a few clicks in the Control Center, and new apps are consistently being developed and added.

  • Growing app community – The open platform is also great for technology providers and developers looking to create integrations for Openpath systems. App Partners have access to the open API and specialized support in building cloud-to-cloud and hardware integrations, as well as the mobile SDK for building custom apps and amazing mobile experiences. 

  • Easy integration management – The initial connection isn’t the only piece to consider when looking at system integrations. Management needs to be equally frictionless. The App Marketplace consolidates integration configuration and management into a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Instead of logging into different systems, everything is in one convenient place in the Openpath Control Center.

  • Unlimited integration support – With Openpath, there is no limit to the number of integrations you can connect to your access control platform. This gives organizations full control over their security system functionality and flexibility, with the ability to make changes at any time in the App Marketplace, and to take advantage of the latest integrations as soon as they are available.

The importance of integration for future-proof security 

With so many technology providers and software options available for business, it can be overwhelming and confusing to find what works best. While all-in-one security systems can be tempting for their convenience, it’s important to also consider their scalability over time. As security vulnerabilities and trends are always changing, the best system is one that can easily adapt to user preferences, as well as mitigate new security risks.

Expanding system functionality

By leveraging integration, organizations can add capabilities to their systems that would never otherwise be available. One example of this is using office reservation and visitor management systems alongside access control. While a good office management system makes it easy for employees to reserve conference spaces, can facilitate hotdesking, and might even work for creating visitor logs, it probably won’t have advanced access control capabilities. By integrating office management software with access control systems like Openpath, the system can recognize who should have access based on the booking system, and grant authorized entry at the right times with no additional burden on administrators. 

Improving visibility

Another example of using integrations for future-proof security is merging access and video systems. While both video security cameras and door access control systems are important for commercial physical security, they are even better when working as a holistic system. By integrating Openpath readers with existing video management systems, organizations can link video footage to access events, and get the full picture of what’s happening in their space at any given moment. Even better, with cloud-based software and mobile apps, security administrators no longer need to be tied to a workstation or lobby desk in order to keep facilities secure. This type of technology is crucial for remote security management, allowing staff to get alerted for access attempts, and actually see what’s happening at the door and throughout the building in real time, from anywhere.

Open and cloud-based systems

Many companies claim to have open architecture, but in reality their customers are limited to an approved list of available integrations. Openpath, on the other hand, has a truly open API that any technology company can access to build out unique security and access solutions. These leading tech providers can also use the App Marketplace to showcase their latest features and developments. With App Marketplace, Openpath customers can always find the newest integrations available for their systems, and configure them in a few simple steps. 

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