Axis intercom and access control review

See why customers prefer Openpath’s all-in-one Video Intercom Reader Pro over Axis for their building security.

Openpath vs. Axis Video Intercom

More and more, establishments are incorporating intercom entry systems that support video into their security procedures. There are many options to choose from in the market, but depending on your unique needs, how do you decide which one is right for you? Axis Communications is one of the names you might come across when searching for a video intercom system. Their products include a wide range of commercial and apartment building security systems in a diverse price range. In this Axis access control intercom review, we specifically highlight three video intercoms that serve three different functionalities. Also covered are the benefits and disadvantages of the Axis intercom features, and how the Openpath Video Intercom Reader Pro might be a more secure and flexible option.

Quick look: key differences between Openpath and Axis
Voice AI call routing

Openpath’s voice AI helps guests and delivery couriers get in touch with tenants

High-definition camera

Openpath features a 5MP super-high definition built-in camera

Secure access options

Openpath offers a wider range of secure access methods compared to Axis

Open integration

Openpath can easily integrate with third party platforms and 40+ tech partners

All-in-one solution

Some Axis intercoms do not include a reader and need add-on hardware

Openpath's innovative Video Intercom Reader Pro
  • All-in-one access control, video, and intercom system 

  • 100% remote control through Openpath’s secure cloud-based management

  • Award-winning hardware design with slim profile and high-resolution camera 

  • Compatible with existing security systems and top app integrations

  • Seamless snap-in installation with a single PoE cable and standard wiring

  • AI capabilities for smart voice recognition and call routing 

  • Touchless Wave to Unlock for fast and reliable access

Comprehensive Axis intercom and access control review

Although Axis intercoms come with impressive features, there are drawbacks with some. For example, the resolution in the Axis A-8105-E model’s camera is only 1080p, compared to Openpath’s super-high definition 5MP built-in camera. The barrel distortion in this particular Axis model’s camera is also quite significant, contributing to a less accurate visual identification. The lack of support for mobile credentials in the Axis A8207-VE Mkll makes access control inconvenient, and less-than-secure PIN code access option and temporary visitors pass can lead to a security breach. Plus, other convenient features like Openpath’s touchless mechanism are not available in Axis intercoms. 

Voice AI and call routing features

One of the convenient features in the Axis A8207-VE Mkll model is the ability for visitors to connect to a building’s receptionist or security personnel when a tenant is unavailable. While useful, the mechanism simply does not offer a diverse range of options to connect, and often presents visitors with no other option but to return to the building when the tenant is available, or start over and call a different tenant. Plus, this feature is rendered ineffective after working hours, when a receptionist or security personnel might not be present. 

Openpath’s 24/7 intelligent call routing technology connects visitors to not just one destination, but a multitude of options, from an alternative tenant, voicemail, or specific directory path set by the tenant. The responsive voice AI assists visitors and guides them to specific directory paths, depending on settings such as access and door schedules, and tenant availability. The diverse range of options ensures that visitors always have a way to connect, even after hours and when a tenant is unavailable. To top off the list of benefits, this convenient feature is also touchless. With no directory to scroll through, tenants can choose to keep personal information private.

Axis price vs. Openpath price

There are factors to consider when budgeting for a door entry video intercom system. The size of a building and the number of entry points, devices, and users contribute to the overall cost of an intercom system. Other important components to keep in mind are the features that come with the intercom, installation, and ongoing maintenance. 

Axis video intercoms are reasonably priced, ranging from $800 to $1600. Some models come with built-in features, and others require additional hardware and installation to perform specific access control functions. For example, the Axis-I8016-LVE intercom does not come with a reader and needs wiring to a separate reader to allow access to credentialed users.

Openpath’s sleek and compact video intercom is an all-in-onesolution,combining a doorbell, camera, intercom, and reader into a single device. The built-in features reduce the cost of installing the system and the cost of purchasing additional hardware, and the mobile credentials and backward compatibility with legacy cards means reduced ongoing fees for access keys. Plus, the software is available in different tiers and packages to cater to a wide range of security needs. The Openpath pricing plan is scalable, allowing organizations to only pay for what they use, depending on the number of users in the system.  

Cloud-based video intercom system review

Axis and Openpath video intercoms run on a cloud-based system, giving both systems the flexibility in management and scalability. With the Axis system, users can simultaneously monitor video and control access through a unified interface, and the scalable system can accommodate hundreds of doors per server.   

Like Axis intercoms, the Openpath cloud-based intercom system offers versatility in management. In a single dashboard, admins can easily add users to a directory, configure new locations, add and edit directory paths, manage visitor access, and observe entry events in real-time. The remote management allows users to oversee multiple sites from anywhere. Similarly, the remote unlock enables tenants and security admins to open doors for visitors from any place in the world. Designed to accommodate infinite scaling, Openpath also enables users to conveniently add sites and locations to a network with a few clicks in the dashboard. 

Installation and integration

Axis intercoms are relatively simple to install. The systems use a PoE cable and can easily connect to existing systems with no additional wiring. Although some Axis intercom models come with built-in features like a camera, microphone, and reader, others might require additional hardware and installation to achieve the same level of functionality. Integration is quite straightforward, with an open interface that allows for integration with property management software and tenant service apps. However, some models do not have ACU functionality and require wiring to an access controller to connect to legacy systems.  

Similar to the Axis system, Openpath’s video intercom is equally effortless to install. The sleek device installs with a simple snap-in mechanism. Because the Video Intercom Reader Pro combines four functionalities in one, it eliminates the cost of installing multiple devices. Like Axis, Openpath uses one PoE cable and standard wiring, with the flexibility to rotate the camera during install to achieve the best viewing angle. When it comes to integration, the Openpath system is built on an open API and mobile SDK, and easily connects to other hardware, software, and apps like property and tenant management platforms. Plus, the Openpath App Marketplace allows users to discover more than 40 technology partners that Openpath can seamlessly integrate with. 

When it comes to the video platform, the ONVIF Profile S and T compliant platform make it easy to integrate with video security providers, and the ACU functionality means the system is compatible with any legacy system. 

Secure access methods

While some Axis access control intercoms serve basic access needs, other models lack the features of an advanced access control reader. Access can be granted through an IP phone and a Video Management System, and a remote entry option is available. Other methods include key cards, and for visitors, access can be granted by entering PIN codes to a keypad. 

While these are commonly used access methods, they may not be the most secure. For instance, PIN numbers can be shared with multiple visitors and unauthorized users. The key card option is adequate, but is not as convenient as mobile credentials, which are only available in some Axis intercoms. The Axis I8016-LVE intercom does not have built-in reader support, so access can only be granted remotely.Installing a separate reader is required to allow access to users with credentials.Plus, the lack of a touchless entry feature adds to the inconvenience of the system. 

The Openpath Video Intercom Reader Pro offers a wide range of access options with advanced features that make access control secure and frictionless. Unlike Axis, Openpath supports mobile capabilities, allowing users to open doors from a range of mobile devices through an app. The patented Triple Unlock technology ensures a fast unlock with 99.9% reliability using simultaneous Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular signals. This mechanism grants users access at all times, even when one connection is down. 

Temporary entry access to visitors or service providers can be granted through convenient email, text message, or messaging apps like Slack. Accessible directly from a smartphone browser, temporary Guest Passes are customizable and permit one or more entries within a limited time, with all access activity tracked and recorded in real-time. 

Users are able to take advantage of the convenient Wave to Unlock, a feature that allows users to open doors with a quick movement of the hand or phone. With the touchless technology, visitors are also able to request access quickly, without having to scroll through an overwhelming directory to find the tenant they are looking for. Plus, visitors can request access without entering personal information into a public device. Like Axis intercoms, the remote unlock feature is also available in Openpath’s system, allowing tenants to unlock the door for guests from their mobile phone or the Openpath Control Center. 

For users who prefer physical keys, high- and low-frequency key cards are available. Unlike Axis intercoms, Openpath supports MIFARE DESFire EV3 cards, the most advanced encryption technology on the market. The intercom reader is also backward compatible with legacy access control systems. 

Openpath vs. Axis video intercom use cases


  • The Axis I8016-LVE is best-suited to buildings that already have an existing access control system, or for emergency calling in parks or campuses, as it does not have a built-in reader.

  • Some issues with image quality, such as the barrel distortion in the Axis A-8105-E camera, makes the system work better for smaller buildings that do not need to prioritize clear visual verification. 

  • Limited connection lines to only a receptionist or security personnel may be acceptable for buildings that typically receive a small number of visitors. 

  • The lack of a safe touchless entry feature makes Axis unsuitable for hospitals and healthcare spaces, but may be a good option for residential multi-family buildings or commercial retail spaces.

  • Due to the lack of built-in features in some models, the system may work for buildings that have existing security systems.


  • A complete, all-in-one video intercom and access control solution that can support the needs of all types of buildings, from residential units, large commercial buildings, multisite enterprises, and more. 

  • The secure access methods makes Openpath ideal for buildings that require access flexibility without sacrificing robust security. 

  • Ideal for buildings such as multi-tenant offices that receive a large number of visitors. The voice AI call routing makes it convenient for visitors to connect at all times, even when tenants are unavailable. 

  • Openpath’s customizable directory paths allow organizations to easily configure specific call routing instructions for delivery couriers. 

  • Openpath’s Video Intercom Reader features mobile monitoring so security and management personnel can easily see live and recorded video footage of all visitor activity, without having to be on-site.

  • Durable and compact hardware makes the Openpath video intercom ideal for indoor and outdoor use. 

Alternatives to Axis intercoms

There are options available if Axis intercoms do not fit the needs of your building. The Openpath Video Intercom Reader Pro makes security versatile and convenient, with advanced built-in features that include a doorbell, reader, speaker and microphone with automotive grade code and echo reduction for two-way audio, and a 5MP high-definition camera that supports video calling. The system allows for an optimized mobile experience, and the Bluetooth-backed mobile credentials enables fast and reliable access supported by patented Triple Unlock technology. To round off the list of benefits, the touchless feature is safe and convenient, and the award-winning compact device is versatile, making it easy to find space to install the device.