Avigilon video and Openpath access control

Integration currently in development. Combine video and access control monitoring in a single cloud-based platform for improved visual verification and security.

Openpath and Avigilon cloud services (ACS) integration

Coming soon. Leverage Avigilon’s premier video management with Openpath’s best-in-class cloud-based access control. Openpath’s integration with Avigilon Cloud Services (ACS) lets you connect Avigilon Control Center™ (ACC) cameras to the Openpath Control Center, consolidating your security solution in a single pane of glass.

With this integration, businesses can:

  • Monitor video and access control from one cloud-based platform

  • Associate ACC-supported cameras with Openpath entries

  • View real-time camera feeds directly in the Openpath Control Center

  • Search video clips associated with access events

  • Send email and SMS alerts for specific access events with links to video clips

Benefits of the integration

  • Consolidated view. Track all of your camera feeds from across ACC and Openpath Video Readers from the Cameras page in the Openpath Control Center.

  • Visual context. Associate cameras with entries to gain additional insight and improve visual verification when reviewing access events and alerts. 

  • Emergency response. Share live camera feeds with first responders when a lockdown plan is initiated.

  • Audit trail compliance. Create and export detailed activity logs to create a visual timeline and meet compliance requirements.

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