Openpath and Ava Integration

Experience unified security with best-in-class access control and AI video surveillance. Ava Aware lets businesses add cloud-based AI analytics to existing cameras, tying every access event to video footage in real-time.

Unified video security and access control with AI analytics

For customers who use Ava’s video security platform (formerly Vaion), we offer an integration that lets you associate real-time video with access events across all your sites. Connect with Openpath entries to gain visual awareness into space usage, plus powerful machine learning capabilities to analyze occupancy and manage security from anywhere.

Integrate Openpath with the Ava Aware video management platform to: 

  • Improve awareness and security response with real-time video footage 

  • Easily scale video management across all buildings and sites

  • Improve space management for specific zones based on AI analytics

  • Temporarily lock entries that have reached capacity via the Openpath platform

  • Receive real-time occupancy and access event alerts

Smarter security with fully-integrated Video Reader Pro

Openpath’s Video Reader Pro seamlessly integrates with the Ava Aware platform for a holistic view of security across your entire organization.

  • See real-time footage from Ava-enabled cameras and the Video Reader Pro in the Ava Aware dashboard

  • Add visual verification to key entry points in your space, with smart alerting on your mobile device

  • Add video security to doors and spaces without the need to install and provision additional cameras

  • Add Ava’s AI-powered analytics to Openpath entries to assist in proactive security response, with the ability to remotely manage the entire system from any web-enabled device

Smart security alerting 

Openpath access events trigger data-rich notifications with mapview, the name of the badge holder, the image on the credential, and the exact location in real time.

Optimized remote monitoring

Easily monitor access control and physical security events 24/7 on any web browser from a mobile device or computer. Watch real-time video, adjust permissions, and unlock the door any time, anywhere.

Proactive AI-enhanced security

Ava’s AI capabilities can detect anomalous behavior and suspicious objects to help keep teams informed, and enable proactive security responses to mitigate risk the moment it’s happening. 

Leverage existing infrastructure

The Ava and Openpath integration works with on-prem, cloud, and hybrid solutions, enhancing already-installed readers, door sensors and cameras with smart technology.

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