Openpath and Automatic Systems integration

Easily install Openpath multi-technology Smart Readers on Automatic Systems turnstiles and parking gates for secure, touchless entry.

Secure touchless entry for turnstiles and gates

Openpath’s integration with Automatic Systems extends convenient mobile access to turnstiles and parking gates. Automatic Systems is an industry leading manufacturer of secure entrance control, and offers a wide variety of turnstile and barrier products, which easily integrate with Openpath readers.

How the integration works:

  • Install an Openpath reader near the barrier (embedded in a turnstile or on a placard near a parking gate)

  • Wire the turnstile or gate to a relay on an Openpath controller

  • Set up the turnstile or gate as an entry in the Openpath Control Center

  • That’s it! Now you can unlock the turnstile or gate using the Openpath app or key card 

Use cases

Touchless turnstiles. Use Openpath’s contactless Wave to Unlock feature to effortlessly unlock Automatic Systems barriers and gates without ever needing to take your phone out. 

Configurable entry options. Extend Openpath’s administrative capabilities to every entry, gate, and security turnstile. Set up entry schedules, limit user access and credential types, and enforce anti-passback rules and capacity limits. 

Advanced reporting. Gain insight into your Automatic Systems entries using Openpath’s reporting tools. View real-time entry and activity log data in the Control Center, monitor entry usage, and run reports on historical logs. 

Easy guest access. Authorized users can share guest access links with the Openpath app, so there’s no hassle with printing guest badges or issuing parking validation. 

Zone sharing. For multi-tenant buildings with shared, lobby turnstiles and parking gates, Openpath’s zone sharing feature lets building managers give tenants access to common spaces and entries with minimal administrative work.

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