Allegion's wireless locks and Openpath Integration 

Convenient, secure, and touchless access control for interior doors equipped with Schlage® smart locks.

Schlage smart door locks and access control

Openpath seamlessly integrates with Allegion’s Schlage NDEB and LEB wireless locks via the ENGAGE™ technology, with native Bluetooth credential support. The cloud-based integration gives organizations greater control and flexibility over interior door security, with the ability to monitor Schlage entry activity in the Openpath dashboard. Easy to install, configure, and use, Openpath access control for Allegion wireless locks provides a cost-effective security solution for every door, across any size deployment. 

The cloud-to-cloud integration with Openpath and Allegion’s Schlage wireless locks gives organizations the ability to: 

  • Improve the security of interior doors with automated alerts and combined management in the Openpath platform

  • Use Openpath’s credentials to unlock Schlage wireless locks, with support for touchless in-app mobile unlock via reliable Rapid Unlock and Bluetooth technology, plus encrypted key cards and fobs

  • Utilize Openpath’s remote unlock feature for Schlage wireless locks

  • Quickly deploy added security with no Openpath hardware needed, and no wiring required between Schlage and Openpath 

  • Enable an intuitive user experience with combined reporting for all entry events on a single pane of glass

Cost-effective, scalable access control

Schlage wireless locks provide additional security features to safeguard interior and low-traffic spaces where installing and maintaining a full door entry system would be cost-prohibitive. Integrated with Openpath, the system provides a complete, convenient, and secure access control experience, with one credential for every door across the entire organization, and the only access control integration that currently supports native Bluetooth credentials. Efficiently monitor and manage all entries with combined, near-real time reporting, plus automatic notifications for entry events. 

Use cases

  • Interior office doors: Secure and monitor access for private offices, conference rooms, storage or IT closets, and shared spaces, combined in one interface with Openpath perimeter entries.

  • Multi-family residential: Provide convenient access for unit doors in multi-dwelling units or dormitories, plus keep leasing offices, storage rooms, and amenities secure.

  • K-12 schools and universities: Schlage wireless locks feature interior lockdown buttons, with remote unlock and automatic alerts through Openpath to improve safety in classrooms and educational facilities.

  • Healthcare and hospitals: Control and limit access to laboratories, medical equipment, medications, and patient files, without compromising convenience for authorized staff.

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