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Physical security is essential to keeping Canada’s commercial properties safe and protected. When looking for the best access control companies in Victoria BC, there are many different options available. Modern security systems in British Columbia offer more flexibility compared to traditional systems. Openpath, a leading provider of mobile and cloud-based access control systems in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada, gives businesses the ability to use their mobile devices to unlock doors, as well as remote management and fast installation. Access control installers in Victoria BC recommend cloud platforms for commercial building security, as it enables organizations to remotely control their systems. Openpath partners with the best access control installers in Canada to provide best-in-class security solutions for organizations throughout British Columbia, including the Downtown Victoria business district and all of Vancouver Island. Because a system like Openpath is built with open architecture, you can automate your access control across all your IoT connected devices and sites. Ask your local Victoria BC access control integrator about installing the flexible Openpath solution in your space to get a personalized price quote and see which features will most benefit your organization’s security.

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Best Victoria access control systems and security solutions

Improving physical security starts with finding the best access control system for your Victoria BC location. A local access control installer in Western Canada will complete a security audit on your space to help you choose the right access control hardware and features to safeguard your building. For the most flexible security solutions, many Victoria businesses are turning to mobile and cloud-based access control systems from Openpath. Getting the best access control solutions for your business means you’ll have these powerful security features:

  • Flexible mobile access control with touchless entry
    With mobile credentials, your smartphone becomes the key for your Victoria BC access control system Openpath has an industry-leading 94% mobile adoption rate, with convenient touchless unlock. Our Wave to Unlock feature uses patented Triple Unlock technology via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data to ensure a fast and reliable unlocking experience, without having to take your phone out or open the app. Because we understand that mobile credentials aren’t right for every business, Openpath allows you to mix and match your credentials. Choose from encrypted key cards and fobs, mobile apps, Apple watch, and tablet apps to unlock the door. Have an existing legacy access control system in your Victoria BC building? Openpath is backwards compatible with the most common access control systems in the Pacific Northwest, so you can retain your initial investment while still getting the best modern security features.
  • The best access control installers in Canada
    Openpath partners with a global network of certified access control integrators and installers to provide security solutions to businesses all over the world. Within Victoria BC and across Canada, access control companies recommend Openpath access control hardware for its fast and efficient installation. Using standard wiring and a “plug-and-play” design, Openpath is quick to install, and the cloud software is easy to configure. All Openpath access control installers in Victoria BC get access to new training and marketing materials to lead with the latest innovations for their clients, with dedicated support staff ready to help.
  • Adding safety to security with built-in features
    When it comes to physical security, your Victoria BC access control system should do more than just unlock the door. Openpath comes equipped with built-in occupancy tracking features to help companies manage capacity in their spaces. In addition, Openpath seamlessly integrates with 15+ leading technology companies to provide unprecedented safety features for our customers. The open API enables organizations to automate and enforce digital health questionnaires, contact tracing in Victoria BC offices, temperature checks, and more. Plus, with remote access, your security teams can manage everything from anywhere in the world, including activating our award-winning Lockdown plans in the event of an emergency with a single tap on your phone. You can also unlock the door remotely, and send digital guest pass credentials to visitors from your device.
  • Scalable cloud-based security software for enterprise
    For multi-site organizations in Canada, cloud-based access control is an essential tool in improving security. Openpath’s enterprise access control software is built to scale up or back with your business, with the ability to add or remove entries and sites in a few clicks. The easy-to-navigate dashboard gives you remote access to all your entry activity, with the ability to automate processes via a streamlined Rules Engine and custom fields. Our Premium Package software also includes features like granular permissions to make managing thousands of users more efficient. Openpath also has a range of hardware options to fit any size deployment, including access control Smart Hubs for elevators. To maximize your Victoria BC access control system, integrate your Openpath solution with VMS platforms from the leading video surveillance providers in Canada, and pair visual insights with entry activity for better awareness and security, without having to be onsite.
  • 24/7 support and free help resources
    Our dedicated customer support team is here for you. Contact our service professionals at any time, with online chat, phone, and email support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you have general questions about access control systems in Canada, want to get a price quote for your Victoria BC access control solution, or want to connect with a local access control installer, our team will be happy to assist you. Plus, we have an extensive online library of content available at any time. Use our free access control guides, security audit checklists, and help articles to learn about enabling Openpath features, setting up integrations, and configuring your security system.
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