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Looking for the best access control in Toronto? Installing a new access control system can be a daunting task, even for smaller spaces, so make sure you choose an Ontario access control installer who is trained and certified. Openpath works with leading Toronto area access control installers, and we carefully vet all our partners to ensure you’ll receive the best service. Our network of installers has overseen deployments across Southern Ontario, including in the cities of Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, and Hamilton. Your access control installer can perform a security audit of your site to determine what you need. With Openpath, you can be up and running with a new physical security system quickly, thanks to plug-and-play hardware that’s also backwards compatible with legacy systems. If you’re looking to install touchless access control, Toronto’s top installers can show you how to configure your Openpath system, and make recommendations for integrations and which features will benefit your business. When it comes to providing safe, secure access control in Toronto, our Openpath specialists have extensive experience installing the leading access control systems in Canada.

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Access control systems and best physical security in Toronto

Find trusted experts to install your Toronto access control systems. Openpath works with a network of certified access control Toronto area installers to ensure you get the best service and experience. Our installation partners can help you deploy the Openpath access control system across any size operation, from a single office to a multi-site enterprise with locations throughout Ontario. Talk to a trusted access control installer to know which Toronto access control system is right for your space. To get the most out of your access control system, look for best-in-class features like touchless entry, seamless integrations, and cloud-based software. Openpath is leading the industry with enhanced security system capabilities:

  • Convenient touchless access methods
    For the best in safety and security, look for Toronto access control companies that offer touchless entry and exit. Openpath uses a 100% hands-free wave to unlock feature, which lets users unlock the door without needing to open an app or take their phone out of their pocket or bag. Backed by patented Triple Unlock technology, Openpath offers enhanced reliability and a consistent unlocking experience by using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data signals simultaneously. This means your access control system will still function, even if the Internet is down or cell service is spotty at your Toronto location. Mobile credentials are quickly becoming the most popular access method for commercial and residential properties, because most people already carry their smartphone with them everywhere they go. Still need key cards or fobs for your physical security system? No problem. Openpath is compatible with encrypted fobs and key cards, plus you can unlock the door with your Apple Watch app or tablet app.
  • Partnering with the best installers in the Toronto area
    Openpath only works with the best. We carefully vet our installation partners, providing thorough training on installing and operating the Openpath system to ensure your transition is smooth and painless. With extensive experience in the access control space, our network of integration and installation partners is certified in a range of systems. When you’re ready to compare access control systems for your Toronto location, one of our experts will do a thorough site walk and security audit. Then, they’ll help you design and choose the best solution to meet all your security needs. Openpath installers can also assist with deploying video surveillance, alarm systems, and integrated security solutions. Need extra security? Ask your access control installer about options like biometric authorization and two-factor authentication. Why settle for a one-size-fits-all legacy system, when you can have a flexible, customized access control solution designed just for your space?
  • Quick, effortless installation and cloud-based management
    Frictionless at every level, Openpath access control can be installed quickly and efficiently in any space. The plug-and-play hardware uses standard wiring, and our Toronto access control installers have thorough training in proper setup and configuration. If your Ontario location already has an existing system, Openpath is backwards compatible, so you won’t have to worry about a big rip-and-replace project. Plus, with cloud-based software, Openpath is a space-saving solution that doesn’t require any on-premise servers. Your access control installer can show you how to easily configure Openpath via Bluetooth, and how the remote management software is easy to use from anywhere. Add entries, configure access permissions, revoke access, and even remotely unlock the door without having to set foot in your space. Because security should go hand-in-hand with convenience, you have full visibility into access events and user activity in real time, including occupancy tracking and presence reporting analytics for social distancing. Openpath gives you the ability to receive notifications for enhanced safety too.
  • Flexible, scalable, and interoperable
    Want to streamline your operations? Openpath makes it easy to deploy an integrated security system, connecting our access control solution to all the apps and tools that you need to run your business. Integrate with video surveillance, user directory tools, visitor and tenant platforms, communication apps and more thanks to Openpath’s open API and mobile SDKs. Perfect for enterprise organizations in Toronto, the Openpath access control system is designed to scale up or back effortlessly. We offer a range of hardware options for different size deployments, from our Single Door Controller, 4-door and 8-door controllers, and elevator boards, too. You can manage your entire system from the same dashboard, including your integrations. Talk to your Toronto access control installer about which features your system should include, and how to implement them with Openpath.
  • 24/7 customer support and troubleshooting
    The best access control companies in Toronto will take care of your security needs before, during and after installation. Work with a team of knowledgeable experts to answer all your questions and solve your problems. Openpath offers 24/7 customer support for all of our customers, available 365 days a year. Because Openpath runs in the cloud, our technicians can use remote troubleshooting to pinpoint problems and make adjustments without needing to come onsite. If you do need on-site service, we will dispatch a certified technician to your access control system in Toronto. At Openpath, we listen to our customers. Your feedback is important to us, and we always take your comments into consideration as we continue to innovate new releases, products, and solutions.
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