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Looking for the best access control technology in Philadelphia? Openpath’s best in class access control system is easy to install, versatile for a variety of applications, and designed with a frictionless experience in mind. Openpath’s access control technology is modern, easy to use and future-proof for your new installation or building project. Openpath is also backwards compatible, which means you can easily upgrade an existing legacy system without costly rewiring. Openpath partners with the best local installers and technology vendors who support customers throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Most importantly, our system integrator partners are industry professionals, with years of experience servicing the Philadelphia area. They’ll work with you to specify the right system for your building and budget.

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Best physical security and access control solutions in Philadelphia

Openpath and our certified access control integrators in the greater Philadelphia area are experienced solution providers of physical security systems across for office, retail, industrial and multi-family buildings and campuses. Our solution offers flexibility in choosing between a variety of credential types and access entry methods. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Openpath:

  • Frictionless access using your mobile phone
    Mobile credentials are the latest innovative technology in modern access control systems, but they’re not all the same. Openpath’s patented Triple Unlock technology ensures the mobile phone works every time by leveraging three signals to unlock a door (Bluetooth, WiFi and Cellular). Most other leading providers only use one or two signals. Plus, Openpath’s mobile credentials work even when the app is closed and the phone is in your pocket. You can simply walk up to the reader, wave your hand, and the door will unlock. This is the best of frictionless access and Openpath is the market innovator in this technology.
  • Keycards and fobs supported
    In addition to mobile credentials, all Openpath enabled doors and entries support the use of keycards and fobs for unlocking doors. This means that all your existing cards and fobs will work on your new Openpath system, or you can issue new cards and fobs if you don’t already have any. Openpath offers highly encrypted cards and fobs with no known security vulnerabilities, because we believe even if you don’t opt for mobile, your physical credentials should be a safe and secure method.
  • No software to install, no servers to manage
    Many access control providers in Philadelphia sell legacy infrastructures that require expensive onsite servers and software. Often, these systems come with high upfront costs and long-term recurring maintenance. Legacy access control software usually resides on a physical workstation in an IT closet or server room, which makes it difficult to add or revoke access credentials, create schedules, and other routine tasks. Openpath is different. Because we’re a modern access control provider, our software is cloud based, so you can easily access the system from anywhere on any browser. Designed to be easy to use, you can quickly get up and running and even integrate it with your HR and IT software to make day to day administration that much easier. And because our software is cloud-based, updates happen in real time, so you always have access to the latest features and improvements.
  • Trained network of certified installers nationwide
    Openpath works with certified installers with extensive experience in the Philadelphia access control industry. Whether you’re looking for support for one building in the local Philadelphia area or you need help with a national, multi-site solution, our integrators will work with you to meet your needs. Need help beyond access control? Our installers offer a full range of solutions including video surveillance, biometric access, burglar alarms, and more.
  • Customer support that delights
    Openpath is different than other access control vendors as we offer our end customers direct access to our technical support team. Get in touch with us via the web, email, and phone and we’ll be happy to help solve your issues and answer questions. Our local Philadelphia-based installation partners are also responsive and available to meet you onsite and assist with any of your security needs. We love talking to our customers and value their feedback and questions. The only way we can keep making our product better is from direct customer feedback so we take customer support seriously and have teams waiting at the ready to help you.

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